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17 Spider Craft Ideas For Kids

Spiders are everywhere in the world. They are big, small, scary, and happy. There are millions of species we know about, but probably millions more that we don’t — which is pretty amazing when you think about it! Do you have a little arachnophobe in your class? Or maybe they’re a budding entomologist who wants to learn more about these leg lovers? If you want to know more about these amazing creatures and add them to your home’s ambiance, then follow these spider craft ideas; they are perfect for teaching your little one about this exciting creature and helping them overcome their fears. These spider crafts are perfect for any lesson plan involving arachnids, though you might want to offer a disclaimer before your kids start making their own tiny pets! Whether you’re crafting with preschoolers, kindergarteners, or any other age group, there’s something in here for you. From a simply adorable felt to a classic paper version, it’s time to get the kids excited about spiders!

Spider Craft For Kids

There are so many types of spiders that it’s hard to choose just one for your crafts. Spiders can be quiet and subtle or loud and colorful. You may need a black widow spider for Halloween, a jumping spider for school, or a play on words. Use paint, pencils, and other materials to craft a colorful spider picture. Create a fun game with spiders coming out of an eggshell, or make cool decorations for your room with these simple projects.

Spider Craft Preschool

Spider crafts can be best for preschool kids; they are a fun way to teach children about spiders. Explore the world of arachnids by creating craft spiders with your children, and learn about these creepy crawlies’ different shapes, sizes, and colors. They’re relatively easy to make, but they are also educational. These spider craft ideas will allow you to teach your children about motherhood, natural predators, and food chains. Children will love learning about these creatures and creating from scratch!

Spider Web Craft Preschool

Spider Web Fine Motor Craft

Making a spider web will help with fine motor skills and be a great way to practice processes. There is so much involved! You must pick up your tweezers and place them on the yarn. Once you have it picked up, you must ensure that you are pulling up gently, or else the spider or string could get caught on the yarn or fall off in between. You do not want to pull too hard and end up dropping the spider or getting caught on the yarn. This simple activity is a favorite at parties or plays dates!


Spider Web Dot Craft

Spider Web Dots

The activity of spider web dots is a nurturer and encourages your child to think about the world around them. As you play together, you’ll ask your child age-appropriate questions about their environment. This game allows parents to engage with their children in a way that emphasizes what they can see and touch while still engaging their creativity. Your child will be learning more about their surroundings and taking in new information from the world around them, which will help them process new stimuli.


DIY Pine Cone Spider

DIY Pine Cone Spiders

Halloween is right around the corner, and we’re getting into the spirit of things with a few adorable Pine Cone Spiders! Crafted from natural supplies, these cheerful creatures are great for decorating your home in time for the holiday. First, collect your pine cones and a glue gun. The children can cut out the spiders’ bodies using butcher paper with marker designs. Then, you can use a hot glue gun to attach fluffy pom poms to the tops of the pine cones for the eyes, decorate them with craft paint to reveal their fangs, and add buttons for faces!


Paper Spider Craft

Paper Strips Spider Craft

Are you looking for a fun Halloween craft that your children can do with little adult help? If so, our paper strips spider craft will surely be a hit! Or maybe you want something festive to make for your classroom or home – this one works in both environments! It’s easy and quick to put together but will make a lasting impression, especially when hanging around on a thread. This adorable little spider craft can be easily assembled using paper strips and sticky foam glue!


Toilet Paper Roll Spider Craft

Toilet Paper Roll Spiders

Make some toilet paper roll spiders with your little ones to start with something simple. They barely need any materials and can be done in under an hour. These adorable arachnids are easy enough for kids to do, but they look great! Just cut a toilet paper roll in half, color it like a spider’s body, and paint googly eyes onto them! Use pipe cleaners to make legs bent to any angle you like and stick those onto your spiders. You can even add arms if you want!


Big Squish Spider Shoes Craft

Big Squish Spider Shoes

Kids love standing out by wearing their own costumes; nothing makes them stand out more than this pair of big, squishable spider shoes. Each shoe is made from black poster board and features a large pair of bright red eyes you can see from miles away. The tricky part? Ensure you have enough material so the audience knows what’s happening. So make sure you get the right size poster board in black, and then go ahead and think of all the funny faces your child will make while they walk around wearing these!


Spooky Spider Sign For Mantelpiece

Spooky Spider Sign for Your Mantelpiece

Worried your kids will see too many scary spiders this Halloween? We’ve got something to calm those nerves and keep the fear factor low. This spooktacular sign should do the trick. Just cut a few pieces of wood and paint them black, then drill tiny holes for the spiders to jump out at passersby. If you’re feeling more ambitious, you can use three colors for spooky coloring. Once you’re done, all you need to do is plug it in, stick it on your mantelpiece, and get ready for compliments. Or trick-or-treating!


Origami Spider Corner Bookmark

Origami Spider Corner Bookmark

Get ready to make a four-legged critter that’s sure to delight your friends and family. This origami spider bookmark is the perfect addition to any reading material. It can be made in just a few easy folds, and the black paper is perfect for showcasing your child’s work. And it doesn’t hurt that it looks so cute, either! Use this as an opportunity to talk about shapes, colors, and fun facts about spiders before you head out of the house. Who knows? You may even find a new favorite way to pass the time together!


Paper Plate Spider Craft

Happy Spider Learning Craft

This Happy Spider learning craft is a great way to introduce your child to the world of spiders; it’s also a fantastic way to improve their hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and creative thinking. All you need for this craft is a paper plate, some colored paper, scissors, and non-toxic glue! Cut out each segment of the spider body, then cut strips and roll them into legs. Glue these onto your paper plate spider head like any other animal or person. Voilà! A happy pet spider that is sure to delight everyone.


5-Minute Pom Pom Spider Craft

5-Minute Spider Pom Poms

You can make these spider “teddy bears” in about five minutes and have your child googly-eyed with delight. The pom-pom base craft is a great beginner project for little ones; it is a simple concept you can teach them, and the repetitive process does not need much adult supervision. With pipe cleaners and some googly eyes, your child will have made her own little arachnid friend—and maybe even been able to arrange an impromptu class presentation. This craft uses simple materials that most people have around the house, so it’s a great way to recycle old yarn or even upcycle some plastic bags!


Upcycled Glass Spider Vases

Upcycled Glass Spider Vases

If you love spiders as much as we do, you’ll love these upcycled glass spider vases! Simple and elegant, this DIY project is perfect for fall decorations or Halloween. The arrow-shaped legs are painted to match the color of the original bottle labels and add a touch of minimal whimsicality to their new home. Anyone who loves spiders will enjoy these! You’ll need some upcycled glass bottles, but you can find those at any local art supply store.


Pet Spider Learning Craft

Pet Spider Learning Craft

The 8-legged, air-breathing spidey body is a great way to introduce kids to the anatomy of spiders. Minimal cutting makes it easy for little ones to help craft their own spiders as they discover new and exciting facts about these arachnids; up to you whether you choose to use colored paper or different-sized eyes, legs, or even colored pom-poms or other decorations to teach them about individual species. Your little ones will love the soft texture of this pet spider.


Spooky Pinecone Spider Craft

Spooky Pinecone Spiders

Looking for a fun, budget-friendly craft that your kids will love? These spooky pinecone spiders are just the thing! Perfect for fall, these spiders are easy to make and can be customized with just about any materials you have around the house. The spider legs are painted popsicle sticks, and the eyes and bodies can be made from various craft supplies. You might also want to spray paint your pinecones ahead of time for optimal effect!


Friendly Spider Upcycled Flowerpot

Friendly Spider Upcycled Flowerpots

These adorable outdoor decorations are so easy to DIY. With just a few supplies, you can turn some old flower pots into cute and colorful spider pots that will be a massive hit with kids and adults alike. There’s no end of uses for these little guys—toss them into your garden or patio stand to hold a collection of plants or flowers. Kids can help by painting the pots in different colors, depending on the time of year. Once the paint is dry, fill them with soil and plant your favorite flowers!


Popsicle Stick Spider Craft

Climbing Popsicle Stick Spiders

Here’s something that will keep your children entertained and keep them away from the TV, computer, and tablets! It’s a popsicle stick spider craft that will be easy to make as it takes only a few minutes. The best part about these tiny little bugs is that they are entirely customizable. Your kids can use their imaginations to create any type of spider they want, and you can easily hang them from their bedroom walls. Check out this creative and eco-friendly craft idea for yourself.


Crawling Spider Craft

Crawling Spider Companions

Get the kids involved in making their insects, spiders, and bugs. These papercraft projects are a blast to put together with friends and family, perfect for birthday parties and afternoons spent crafting. Have a go at making colorful jars of crafty critters or create detailed black paper cutouts for a dark Halloween scene. Perfect for kids at heart, these cute papercraft bugs are quick and easy to make that make a significant impact.


Paper Spider Craft

Bobble Paper drawing

This bobble spider craft is perfect for an educational setting, like a classroom. Children can print and color the templates before cutting them out with scissors or use paper punches to make the task easier. Supply them with crayons and craft paper, and then let them have fun making this cute bobble spider craft! After you’ve made the craft, use it as wall art, or have children use it as reference material for their spider research!


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