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10 Huge Hippo Drawing Ideas

Hippos are huge in size. They have big mouth teeth and have some other attributes different from the rest of the animals we found in the forest. This quality makes them an interesting species; everybody wants to know about them. That’s the inspiration behind me to curate this amazing collection of hippo drawing ideas for you. Adding my hand-drawn sketches and drawings into it that you can use as inspirational guides for making admirable sketches and portraits of the big forest guy for your animal drawing collection.

Chubby Hippo Drawing Ideas

Hippo Drawing Ideas

Here, you will find hippos eating, running, doing silly things, and much more fun inspiration to try. So why wait for? Scroll down and draw your inspiration to add some admirable masterpieces to your drawing collection in no time.

You’ll need:

  • Pencil Colors
  • Paper

Colorful Hippo Drawing For Kids

Colorful Hippo Drawing For Kids

In the drawing, you are the master of everything happening on the paper. If you’re into making unique things, this colorful hippo drawing will be a great opportunity. It looks extremely unique because of the softer color mix and the shaded appearance, making it a great artwork for the person watching.

Hippo With Crown Drawing

Hippo With Crown Drawing

We make this hippo the king of our collection by giving him a crown over his head. It will enhance its admirability and make this drawing a masterpiece for anyone to draw. It can be a great addition to your animal drawing collection and help you enhance your sketching and drawing skills.

Hippo With Big Eyes Drawing

Hippo With Big Eyes Drawing

Hippos are huge creatures. They have big hands, feet, and everything enlarged, so if you want to try something fun and unique to draw, this big-eyes hippo drawing will surely be your go-to option. It looks wonderful and funny because it’s a baby hippo with huge eyes and surely deserves to be a part of your hand-drawn sketchbook.

Hippo In Tube Drawing

Hippo In Tube Drawing

It’s an imaginative drawing. Sitting down the stairs and brainstorming what to draw, I came up with this unexpected hippo in a tube sketch. It is a surprise for me, and surely for you, so try it if you want to draw something creative and fun.

Hippo With Opened Mouth Drawing

Hippo With Opened Mouth Drawing

Hippos have a huge mouth. They usually open it while fighting, and it looks horrible. I don’t want to display that thing here. That’s why I tried sketching a baby hippo with an open mouth in this collection.

Hippo In A Box Drawing

Hippo In A Box Drawing

Let’s draw a cute hippo sitting in a bix enjoying the scenery around him. It looks very cute. It’s not a complete drawing. It’s a premature version of another big drawing. It was a hippo in the box, so Isharing it in this collection will be a good option.

Hippo With Heart Eyes Drawing

Hippo WIth Heart Eyes Drawing

When we have a pencil in hand, we can draw anything. I do the same with this pitiful hippo. I try adding hearts and changing its appearance to make it look like an obese hippo. Follow this drawing if you like it.

Running Hippo Drawing

Running animal sketch

Try visualizing a running hippo by getting inspiration from this easier guide. It is rare to see this happening because we usually don’t run a lot. I watched a whole episode on National Geographic to get inspiration for this shot.

Eating Hippo Drawing

Eating sketch of huge animal

Hippos are huge in size, so they have to eat a lot, as this hippo does in the illustration above. It’s eating fruits, and I visualize it here in my drawing. Usually, they eat grass, but it’s quite boring, so I add fruits to my drawing to give it a creative and unique touch you will love.

Two Hippo In Forest Drawing

Two huge animal In Forest

I tried drawing two hippos standing with the whole forest vibe behind them. The same is what I am trying to depict here in this beautiful visualization. It will be your favorite drawing in the Animilia collection and open the door to many creative options to draw amazing animals.

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