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17 Duck Craft Ideas For kids

Ducks are one of the most popular birds on the planet, and they’re a perfect subject for child-friendly crafts that kids can make themselves. So, if you’re looking to work on some of the great, fun, and amazing crafts with your kids, the duck crafts on this list will help you teach them new skills while taking time with them as a family. They’re all relatively easy crafts, too—which is friendly for all the parents that don’t want to lose their sanity when it comes to completing projects. Each duck craft featured here has been designed to be family-friendly so that adults can help their kids with the project.

In addition to being fun, these duck crafts will also expose your little ones to some great lessons on animal anatomy and behavior. We’ve even included some inspirational videos to learn more about the skills you’ll need for any of these great ideas.

Duck Craft Preschool17 Duck Crafts

Duck crafts are a great way to spend time with your kids and make beautiful memories. Kids love ducks; we all have a friend who makes ‘barks’ and ‘quacks’ when it comes to ducks, so these kinds of crafts are guaranteed to make their day. Make a colorful array of ducks out of feathers and paint. They are also great for decorating the home or classroom as place settings on tables at parties, or you can use them to start conversations with visitors in your home. With step-by-step pictures and descriptions, you can recreate your favorite duck craft in no time at all without the need for complex directions or tedious details.

Duck Craft For Toddlers

The duck crafts are great for a preschool classroom project or any time you want to create something cute with your kids. If you love ducks, you will love our craft selection too. These cute little duck-themed toys can use as decorations for your home or school; they come in various colors, making them great for kids’ parties. Our duck crafts are great fun for the whole family, made from different materials and some washable. Let your kids make these fun little puppets, and you can use them for decoration or party favors. Adults love making these cute little crafts that their kids will love playing with.

Handprint Duck Craft

Duck Handprint Craft For Kids

This cute little duck handprint craft is a great activity to do with kids. This handprint craft includes a template and instructions and makes an adorable gift! This cute and fun DIY craft for kids involves making a handprint duck. This craft is perfect for preschoolers, toddlers, and even older children. It’s an easy creative activity that the entire family will enjoy. It’s great for every season and all ages – toddlers will especially love this duck craft for kids!


Paper Plate Duck Craft

Paper Plate Duck Craft

Your child can create their own paper plate duck craft for Easter, spring, or any occasion you choose. This project is easy to make and adds a fun twist to a traditional transformation of the egg into a ducky. Whether you’re looking for a way to document your child’s first year, create a custom paint color, or make a fun Earth Day craft with your kids, our paper plate duck craft idea is simple and fun. This craft is ideal for toddlers and preschoolers.


Adorable Duck Finger Puppets

Adorable Duck Finger Puppets

Kids love finger puppets, and this adorable duck is sure to be a hit with both little ones and preschoolers alike. You can create a preschool classroom craft kids will love for playtime and learning in just a few simple steps. The best part? It only requires minimal supplies bound to be on hand in your home. Make one for each family member, or pair up with your kids or students to make their finger puppets. Super easy to make, they go together in no time, and kids love them!


Paper Plate Duck Craft

Genius Paper Plate Duck Pond

Give your kids a fun way to learn about magnetism with the genius paper plate duck pond activity. With a magnetic wand-like one, this craft combines ducks and paper clips, allowing you to drag them around by moving them on top of the paper pond. Don’t just stand aside! With spring on the horizon, you can enjoy the fun and make some spring home décor as your little ones create their ponds. This is an excellent way to engage with your children and make some spring home décor.


Mallard Duck Craft

Printable Mallard Ducks

Have you seen the cute printable mallard ducks? There are many great activities for young kids to try with these adorable waterfowl. They can color in the lines or give their beautiful new ducks a more attractive look by using watercolors to bring out the details. A perfect activity for rainy days or summer afternoons. You can cut and paste them, color them in or use pencils or crayons, paint them, or go on a scavenger hunt outside to find real ones to bring home!


Duck Craft Paper Plate Rockers

Duck Pond Paper Plate Rockers

These adorable little paper plate rockers are so easy to make. They take minimal supplies, yet the kids will love them! You’ll need some scissors and a glue stick — and of course, googly eyes. This duck pond paper plate rockers craft is a fun and easy way to let your little one’s creativity take flight. The best part? No crafting experience is necessary. As always, we recommend adding self-adhesive ones as they’re easier for kids to put on correctly.


Splashing Duck Paper Craft

Splashing Duck Paper Craft

Make your own adorable duck paper craft to hang in your child’s room or nursery with the family. The duck template is easy to follow and requires minimal supplies, making this a perfect craft for little hands. You can also get creative on your own and make your own ducks as well. It’s perfect for any season and fun with the kids. We even offer a printable template for your convenience if you don’t feel like drawing or cutting out the design by hand!


Cupcake Liner Duck Crafts

Cupcake Liner Duckies

This simple cupcake liner ducks project may look complicated, but it is not! And why stop at just one? Get your kids involved in the party with this DIY Bottlecap Candles project that their grandparents will love. This card uses yellow cupcake liners, both standard and mini, plus some white paper for the duck bodies. Your little ones will love helping you create this heartwarming gift. This craft is easy enough for beginner crafters, and it makes an exceptional handmade gift.


Rubber Duck Sensory Bag

Rubber Duck Sensory Bag

Our rubber duck sensory bag is the perfect gift for babies and toddlers. This vibrant, colorful toy is the perfect way to engage your little one with its many textures and materials. Entering a muddy patch of quacking rubber duckies, their hands will be delighted by the softness of the plush fabric from which they are made. It’s brightly colored and full of different textures, shapes, and sounds. It features a bean bag base, a movable wheelbarrow, raindrops, buttons that make noise when squeezed, balls, and more. Its mess-free!


Preschool Egg Carton Duck Craft

Five Little Ducks Egg Carton

These ducks are a very popular nursery rhyme that kids can quickly learn, involving waterfowl. If you have young children, use an egg carton to create a duck pond, and place your five little ducks in it! With the help of mom or dad, sing or recite the nursery rhyme with your little ones as they play with their own creation. This craft makes for so much fun for kids when making the most out of something ordinary. All you need is an egg carton, some foam, and a little imagination!


Cute Paper Bag Ducks

Adorable Paper Bag Ducks

This adorable craft is a great way to get your kids involved. You will need old cotton lunch bags, construction paper, washable poster markers, and brush paints. Your child can paint the bag yellow, while an older student could draw on their paper pattern to create an eye or beak. This can be done at home or as a fun art project in the classroom. Let them make different designs or fly their ducks across the table!


Simple and Sweet Pom Pom Ducklings

Simple and Sweet Pom Pom Ducklings

These chubby yellow pom-pom ducklings are adorable, and your kids will love them. They’re a great way to introduce them to sewing without sewing. And don’t worry about using them as toys if your kids are too young yet; they can look super cute just sitting around on their child’s bed or even hanging from the light fixture with some string. The steps for this DIY are simple enough for any child: get your hands on some yellow yarn and follow the pattern!


Duck And Ducklings Costume Feet

Duck and Ducklings Costume Feet

Add the finishing touch to your duck and ducklings costume with these easy ducking feet. This super simple feet costume is easy to make and can be added to any paper plate mask. The feet are made from felt sheets and attached with elastic. They’re easy to make and fit easily over standard shoes, so they’re perfect for sending your kids to school. For a school-themed costume, send your kids off with these adorable feet!


Rubber Duck Sensory Bins

Rubber Duck Sensory Bins

How about a water-filled sensory bin? Just throw in a few rubber duckies, some fish, and other bath toys, and let your kids loose. A water-filled tub will offer plenty of opportunities for your little explorer to scoop, dip, fill and dump as they play. You can include various items that float or sink, but always be sure you have an adult nearby to supervise. All you need is a few cups of water, cold shaving cream, and washable rubber duckies. Splash, roll, and scoop away! This sensory bin engages all five senses in an oh-so-much-fun way.


Duck Pond Play Dough

Duck Pond Play Dough

Give your kids a play dough pond full of fun surprises! In this activity, they’ll mix blue play dough, additive materials, and rubber ducks in a shallow dish. From there, the options are endless. Give them what it takes to make their geysers with lots of extra volumes! Make sure you have a lot of space in your house for them to create their own playdough scene. It’s great to pull out when the weather is less than optimal or if they need something new and exciting.


Fun Folded Paper Ducks Craft

Folded Paper Ducks Craft

This is a fun way for kids to create colorful and adorable ducks. Simply cut out the pieces from the card, then fold along the dotted lines to make each duck. Get decorating – use pens, glue, glitter, or other materials you might have to lie around in your craft box. With these paper duck templates, it’s even more accessible. Once the template is printed, you can customize it with markers, crayons, or paint! Enjoy!


Little Ducks Lyrics And Easy Puppets

Little Ducks Lyrics And Easy Puppets

These cute little ducks are just waiting to be used as puppet characters in your nursery rhymes and songs. They can be puppets for the children to use with an adult or play alone. Each duck’s size is suitable for small hands and little fingers, so expect them to love these guys. They are so soft enough for little ones to play with but durable enough that they shouldn’t fall apart. Use them repeatedly in your rhymes or songs and other activities such as craft time or role-play games.


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