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20 Cat Craft For Kids To Enjoy

Do you have a little artist or crafter who would love a cat craft they can be proud of? Are you looking for easy cat crafts to make with young kids? With these crafts, we’ve got something for all ages. Cats are one of the most popular pets in the world and are one of the most loved animals in the world. Because of their smart mouths, people love them. This series contains cat craft for kids made with care and love by professional crafters. Anyone can do these crafts at home, which will turn out great every time you start a project!

Cat Craft For Preschoolers

Your cat is a furry bundle of purring and cuddling, which is why we’re showing off some creative cat crafts in this roundup. Whether you croon a meditation shala for your kitty or craft her a food-dispensing toy, these projects are more than just fun — they’re also helpful! From cat-shaped cookies to kitty bellies, you will find everything you need to create a fun and fabulous event. Fill your home with handmade decorations and stunning costumes, or present these beautiful works of art as unique gifts to all your friends who are cat lovers.

Supplies You Need For Preschool Cat Craft

Supplies needed for cat crafts are similar to those needed for dog crafts. You will need the following:

  • Cat-themed scrapbook paper or cardstock
  • Glue, tape, or brads
  • Paint and paintbrush
  • Scissors or craft knife (adult supervision required)
  • Stamps or stickers (optional)

Black Cat Craft

Black Duct Tape Cat Craft

These Black Cat Crafts are so spooky and cute! You can make them with just a little bit of duct tape, scissors, and glue. It’s a fun kid’s project for Halloween, but it works for adults too! These simple cats are the perfect quick craft for kids, teens, and adults alike. You can use duct tape in any color of your choice – black is the most straightforward option! These little guys are super easy to make and look great on any window or door during Halloween.


Cat Headband Craft

Cat Headband Craft

Looking for a cute and easy headband craft for your kids or students? This cat headband craft will be the perfect project. It’s also great to use scraps from old t-shirts you don’t want anymore! This craft is so much fun, and the creative possibilities are endless. Your kids or students will love wearing this adorable cat headband they made! This Cat Headband Craft is a great way to learn about science and make adorable accessories for you (or your student)! This project is easy enough for preschoolers and grade schoolers but could be done by an adult with patience.


Handprint Black Cat Craft

Handprint Black Cat Craft

A handprint black cat craft is perfect for making with little ones for a holiday. It’s easy, mess-free, and fun for all ages! Kids will love pressing their hands into the paint and creating their own black cat craft. This handprint black cat craft is a simple way to get kids involved in the Halloween spirit. You can use it as part of your trick-or-treat decoration or make it wall art. It’s also a great craft to do with parent and child so you can remember your little ones when they were little ones.


Easy Origami Cat Tutorial

If you love easy origami and cats, this easy origami tutorial is for you! Learn to make adorable cats in different poses using simple folds. Whether you’re looking for cute cat decorations to make on a rainy day or fun origami cat crafts to put in your bedroom, this is an excellent idea to keep your kids busy. This easy origami cat tutorial teaches how to make an adorable little kitten. These origami cats are great as gifts or even decorations around your room. Whether a beginner or advanced, you can follow along and make these cute kitties in no time!

Cat Crafts For Kids To Make At Home

Cat crafts are fun and can be a great bonding experience for you and your kitty. Many cat craft supplies are suitable for crafts with your cat at home. Cat crafts can range from simple patterns like paw prints to more elaborate creations and ideas that might require adult supervision. Cat lovers will be delighted by our collection of cat crafts to make at home. These cat crafts will make beautiful gifts for your friends and family. These simple crafts are all made with things you likely have around the house and can be completed in just a few hours.

Wooden Cat Craft

DIY Scrap Wooden Cats

If you have a few old wood pieces lying around and need an excellent way to repurpose them, this project is for you! Use your sharpest blade and cut random triangles into the side of your scrap pieces for fun cat silhouettes. Apply paint to the triangle shapes and let it dry completely before attaching it to a sturdy piece of wood. Crafting with wood is an art form that takes time and practice. In this article, you will learn how to make these stylish DIY plywood pallet furniture or wooden cat from old wood scraps in no time.


Paper Plate Cat Craft

Paper Plate cat Craft

Every family needs a couple of cats on the window sill or perched happily on your lampshade. The best part about cat crafts is that these felines are cheap and easy to make with kids—with just a few scraps and the right ingredients. These paper plate kitty cats are such a fun project for little ones. Kids will have a blast assembling these cuties; the result is adorable! Cats are adorable, and cats made of paper plates are even cuter. They’re great for the classroom, fun parties, or welcoming guests home. Make a whole kitty family using these simple instructions — it’s easy to do and inexpensive!


DIY Cat Grass Planter

DIY Cat Grass Planter

If you want to give your furry little friend a healthy snack daily, this planter’s a fun way to do it. It’s made from an old soda bottle filled with cat grass seeds that will surely bring them in for a nibble. This project is also great for kids because it teaches them about gardening, including how to get seeds to grow. This cat grass planter is made from an old soda bottle, which means you can recycle something you’re throwing away. Your cat will be grateful for some fresh food, and the smell will attract them to your doorstep daily.


Hand-Painted Cat Gift Boxes

Hand-Painted Cat Gift Boxes

These hand-painted cat gift boxes are simply perfect for the resident cat lover in your life. They’re so fun to make, too. All you need is a round box and some brushes! Homemade wrapping paper with a design of cute kitties is included. Your kids will be wrapping up their gifts like pros in no time. Help your child make these adorable hand-painted cat gift boxes. Paint various colors, then decorate them with stickers or sequins to personalize them even more. They are perfect for giving as gifts to grandparents, friends, other parents, or even neighbors!


Halloween Black Cat Craft

Black Paper Cat for Halloween

A black cat is an adorable little addition to your Halloween decoration. They’re so easy to craft, too! You can teach your child how to make their own paper cat. The result will be an adorable kitty that they can keep forever or give as a gift to a friend or family member. The Black Cat for Halloween will create a great black cat pile for your child to play with. This adorable face is perfect for any child who loves cats, whether you make one or several! This papercraft is perfect for adding a spooky little flair to your home while making an adorable craft for kids. Because who doesn’t love a free craft?


Adorable Cat Bookmark

Peeking Cat Bookmark

This a cute little craft that’s perfect for the cat lover in your life this Valentine’s Day. These adorable bookmarks make great gifts to have on hand for Valentine’s Day or any other time you wish to show you care. This DIY cat bookmark makes the perfect gift for a bookworm kid. It even comes with googly eyes, so their kitty won’t be left out of the reading experience! Grab some craft supplies and make one of these adorable bookmarks. They’re the best way to mark your spot in a book and ensure it doesn’t get lost when it’s not on your bedside table or coffee table.


Cat Paper Roll Desk Organiser

Cat Paper Roll Desk Organiser

This toilet paper roll desk organizer craft doesn’t just look cute – it’s also great for encouraging kids to tidy up and organize! Crafts such as this are an excellent way of engaging children in cleaning while also helping them develop essential skills like patience and perseverance. Keeps your child’s desk clean and organized with this Cat Paper Roll Desk Organizer. The Cat designs are sure to delight, and the craft is fun for kids to make and use in their rooms. Not just a storage piece, it also doubles as a fun toy!


Felt Cat Craft Purse

Felt Cat Purse

The Felt Cat Purse is a fun and easy project that kids can make on their own. It’s also a great way to encourage them to embrace their creativity and love of sewing. With just a few basic supplies, you can work together to create a cute bag for all sorts of things, from storing toys and stuffed animals to carrying school supplies. Your little one will love this cat purse to carry their favorite doll or stuffed animal around. With a felt exterior and an embroidered face on the front, this bag will surely be a hit with kids who love felines!


Fabric Cat Coaster

Fabric Cat Coasters

These kitty coasters make a lovely gift or would be a great project to do with your children. Made from thick felt and backed with cardboard, they’re also great at absorbing water, so you can ensure your table is protected before placing drinks on it. These fabric cat coasters are another great beginner’s sewing project, although they’re probably suited to kids eight and up. Once again, all you need is some felt in the right colors and a needle; these would be a fun project for a class or group of friends.


Paper Plate Cat Craft

Tissue Paper Plate Cat

If you love cats, this tissue paper plate cat craft is perfect! It’s a fun and easy summer craft that can be made in just a few minutes. Kids of all ages will have a blast making unique kitties to bring home and display at the next party or event. Tissue Paper Plate Cats are a fun, easy craft perfect for summer days. They’re also great for any party or event! Make one for yourself and give them away to guests as a favor.


Paper Bag Cat Craft

Pussycat Paper Bag Puppet

Are you ready for a paper bag puppet party? Or just looking to entertain the kids? These puppets are perfect and easy to make. Please print out the templates and cut, fold and glue them to create a kitty cat that your kids can carry around the house. Make your paper bag puppet! Tie the top of a box closed with ribbon, cut out eyeholes and add felt ears or colorful construction paper for a kitty cat. Draw whiskers by dotting glue on your child’s face, then attach black yarn. Or, you can use little pieces of ribbon sewn on for whiskers.


Paper Plate Cat Craft Preschool

Paper Plate kitty with a Tail

How adorbs are these paper plate cats? They’re easy to make, and you can use any color or patterned paper to suit your home decor. Grab a stack of plates and let the kids go to town painting. It’s a semi-messy craft that’s perfect for an indoor setting like your lounge or dinner table, but put down a drop cloth just in case! You’ll love making this adorable cat craft for your kids. It’s super easy to create, but your kiddos will think you are an artist! This paper plate cat craft is ideal for any age range, as it doesn’t require much supervision. Just turn on kid-friendly music, set out a drop cloth, and let them go wild with their paint colors!


Minimalist Paper Strip Cat

Minimalist Paper Strip kitten

The best of both worlds is a snowman and a black cat. This craft is super easy to make and perfect for Halloween or as a fun decoration. The best part is you can add your kids’ black paper Halloween costume and turn it into an adorable family photo card! This paper strip cat craft is a great Halloween craft for kids, and it only takes paper and glue. The results are adorable, which is especially good when dealing with a black cat.


Macaroni Cat Necklace

Macaroni kitty Necklace

Ideal for cat lovers and pasta lovers alike, this necklace is a fun way to show off your pet’s doppelgänger. With some paint and pasta, you can spread the love of cats and pasta to the world. This necklace is the perfect way to show off your love of cats! This colorful accessory makes it easy for little ones to get their dirty hands made with macaroni. Showing off their creativity and craft skills will help them develop a stronger sense of self and allow them to explore different art forms.


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