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15 Rainbow Crochet Patterns For Everyone To Try

The rainbow is one of nature’s most breathtaking spectacles, and these crochet rainbow patterns will help you make your own every time you pick up your hook! From easy beginner patterns to complex designs, they’re sure to turn heads wherever they go. These rainbow crochet patterns will guide you through creating your own customized crochet rainbow using yarn and a few basic stitches.

Crochet Rainbow Patterns Free

Free Crochet Rainbow Patterns

If you love rainbows, this article on unique crochet patterns will delight you. Raindrops, Plushy, and arches, these colorful designs are perfect for decorating children’s bedrooms or for adding a touch of color to any room in your home. The crochet rainbow color technique is one of the most iconic patterns in crochet, and some of the patterns in this collection are making their debut here. You can easily create a unique baby blanket or a cozy blanket for your bed or brighten your home with these adorable patterns. These crochet rainbow patterns are so cute you almost don’t want to hang them up.

Create your colorful rainbow with this collection of amazing crochet patterns. Each of these crochet rainbow patterns is unique, but they all have one thing in common: they are guaranteed to bring a smile to any face! You can use them as a blanket or make them into a garland. And because they’re so eye-catching, they make great gifts too.

Tips For Crochet Rainbow Patterns

Crochet is a wonderful craft. You can make anything your heart desires, and you don’t need expensive tools or supplies.

Here are some tips for crocheting rainbow patterns:

  • Practice different stitches. Some stitches are more complicated than others, such as the popcorn stitch and the shell stitch. You’ll need to get comfortable with these more difficult stitches to create more intricate designs.
  • Learn how to decrease and increase in crochet. This helps keep your work from getting too tight or loose at the beginning or end of the row. It also helps keep your edges even if you’re working on something that needs to be square or rectangular (like a blanket).
  • Always measure your gauge before starting any project! Gauge refers to how many stitches per inch your yarn produces when working at a particular size hook and given pattern stitch. If your gauge isn’t right, your project will come out smaller or larger than expected.

Crochet Rainbow Garland Tutorial


This Rainbow Garland is the perfect spring and summer project! Using just a few colors, you can make this super easy yet gorgeous crochet pattern in no time. Perfect for parties, weddings, or just hanging in your home, it’s sure to light up any space with color! Follow along with this easy rainbow crochet pattern in this video tutorial to create a beautiful string of colors. You can easily change the number of colors to create a custom design. This is a great project for beginners and advanced crocheters alike!

Boho Rainbow Crochet Pattern Free

Are you ready for a burst of color? With this Boho Rainbow Crochet Pattern Free, you can crochet all your favorite bright and colorful shades. This crochet scarf pattern is perfect for beginners and experienced crocheters alike! This easy project is a great way to learn new stitches and make your designs. Boho style is back, and achieving that look you love has never been easier. You will love this free crochet pattern. It is a simple and fast project to do, but it enhances your home in a fun way or creates a beautiful gift for friends.

Small Crochet Rainbow Pattern Free

Small Crochet Rainbow Pattern Free

Do you love the look of rainbow colors? This small crochet pattern will show your love for the color and make a perfect gift for your friends. Get this cute crochet rainbow pattern, perfect for beginners. You will love the results of your labor! This pattern is super easy to follow and works up quickly. The finished product is a brightly colored rainbow with a cute finial at each end that you can hang on your wall. It’s ideal for kids’ rooms and nurseries!


Cute Rainbow Pocket Pals

Crochet Rainbow Pocket Pals

These cute little pocket pals are full of color and ready to improve any day! Make this Crochet Rainbow Pocket Pals from scraps of yarn, or choose various colors to make your surprising color combinations! This super colorful rainbow will surely bring a smile to any child’s face. With this simple pattern, you can create an awesome pet pal just waiting to be loved by a child. This easy pattern uses only single crochet stitches you’ve probably already mastered to create a charming accessory for your favorite pal.


Crochet Rainbow Ball

Crochet A Rainbow Pentagon Ball

Crochet a Rainbow Pentagon Ball and make your unique geometric ball. This Rainbow Pentagon Ball is a quick and easy project that will brighten your day. This fun pattern features a simple design but has something special inside. The finished ball will look like a rainbow from the outside, with several colors weaving in and out. The pattern includes detailed instructions, including how to make the special stitches. It is easy enough for beginners, but the result makes it worthwhile doing the more challenging stitches.


Crochet Rainbow Keyring Pattern

Crochet Rainbow Keyring

This crochet rainbow keyring is a fun and easy gift you can make for someone as a thank you or to show them how much you appreciate them. It’s a fast project, so it’s great if you need something handmade for a gift exchange in time for Christmas. Make a colorful accessory to match any outfit with this adorable crocheted rainbow keyring. Perfect for keys, wallets, or bags, they make great presents too. Follow the instructions for crochet stitches, and off you go!


Crochet Rainbow Bag Pattern

Rainbow Stripe Bag Free Pattern

There is nothing like starting your day with a positive outlook. Show your love for the rainbow and spread that positive energy with this simple bag pattern. This bag will keep you organized and will make your day brighter. The Rainbow Stripe Bag Free Crochet Pattern is a great beginner-friendly project for learning new stitches or for anyone who wants to create something different in their lives. This bag is quick and easy to create and will make a great gift!


Crochet Rainbow Wall Hanging

Rainbow Crochet Wall Hanging Pattern

This crochet wall hanging pattern has a rainbow of colors and a chevron pattern with a different color line in each panel. An easy-to-follow pattern, this is the perfect weekend project! Crochet this Rainbow Crochet Wall Hanging Pattern to decorate your home or to make as a gift. This easy pattern is great for beginners and uses only the chain stitch, double crochet, and single crochet stitches. You can add additional flowers or photos to make it more personal!


Crochet Rainbow Rug

Rainbow Rug

Show off your decorative skills with this crochet rug with a rainbow color scheme. A wonderful addition to any room, this project is suitable for beginners who want to try new things and experienced crafters who want to try something new. Greet your guests with this fun and cheerful Rainbow Rug. Each stitch is crocheted separately and then attached to create a bright, colorful accent for your floor. This makes the perfect gift for an expecting mom and brightens up a nursery or kid’s room!


Crochet Rainbow Blanket

Radiant Rainbow Blanket

The gorgeous Radiant Rainbow Blanket is a full-size crochet blanket to keep you cozy and warm. Lightweight and easy to carry, it’s a great travel project. This crochet pattern is a beautiful work of art, perfect for any room in your home. The radiant rainbow blanket uses a variety of stitches to create a colorful and artistic effect. With no color-carrying floats, you can confidently teach this blanket to novice crocheters. The pattern also provides tips on crocheting with yarns that are less stretchy than most, an important consideration due to the size of this project or any large-scale piece of work.


Easy Crochet Rainbow Mandala Doily

Mandala Doily

This crochet Mandala Doily project is perfect if you want to take your skills to the next level. It uses different yarns in shades of the rainbow, so you’ll have a different color of this doily at each step. This project is quick and easy! Made in the round, without turning, crochet in this beautiful pattern will look beautiful and give you lots of practice. This doily is large and makes great table runners for a family dinner or kitchen table.


Crochet Rainbow Granny Square

Rainbow Puff Square

Love squares but want to get away from the typical felt? Try your hand at this Rainbow Granny Square! This Crochet Pattern is the perfect crochet project if you love the color rainbow or just showing off your crocheting skills. This pattern calls for two strands of yarn held together, using different colors for each row. The result is a puffy and springy project that can make a great blanket or afghan!


Rainbow Crochet Top Jacket

Coorful Jacket for women

No longer making the same old crochet projects, this jacket will brighten up any outfit and keep you cozy. It’s a great beginner project but has a lot of intricacies, making it fun for more advanced crocheters. This crocheted Rainbow Jacket keeps you warm and cozy in the fall and winter. You’ll fall in love with this rainbow crochet cardigan’s bright colors and fun design. This unique design features many colorful stripes that stand out from the crowd.


Rainbow Storage Basket

Colorful Storage Basket

Add some joy to your home with this rainbow storage basket. It’s a versatile piece that can easily double as a decorative centerpiece at your next party or get-together. A great addition to your living space, especially if you love bright colors! Learn how to crochet this cute and colorful crochet basket. This Crochet Pattern Rainbow Storage Basket is intermediate, but a beginner could also follow the instructions by reading through the process. The finished product is really cute and useful!


Crochet Rainbow Plushy Pattern

easy to make colorful plushie

This pattern is for a Rainbow Plushy that you can make for your kids and decorate. The pattern is designed to be easy to level. The steps are very well explained, and you will learn how to make basic crochet stitches using this pattern. This Rainbow Plushy is lightweight yet sturdy enough to toss around and hold up in rough play. This easy-to-crochet rainbow is a great project for beginners and kids to learn crochet basics. All you need is rainbow colors of yarn, a tapestry needle, and scissors! With the right materials, this toy should last through lots of play between children.


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