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27 Crochet Pillow Patterns For Beginners

Crochet is a skilled and beautiful hobby that makes your home more interesting. You can crochet any pillow and adorn your home with them. Crochet pillow patterns are unique and can be used at home or office to decorate and beautify. They make the surroundings attractive. There are many types of crochet pillow designs and styles available, so you can make any style of crochet pillow that suits your home décor. Crochet pillows can add unique design and comfort to your home interior by providing extra comfort for relaxing on the sofa or bed. They’re not time-consuming and easy to crochet having small items like this pillow. You can make them with your design and style by adding flowers or stripes to make them more attractive.

Crochet Pillow Patterns

These Free Crochet Pillow Case Patterns are just as easy to make as crochet shawl patterns and can be used to make decorative items for the home. From a small accent pillow in a bright color patterned crochet stitch or even a full-size pillow with sham-style covers, these free crochet pillow patterns are sure to delight! Whether they’re used alone or in sets, they’re perfect decorative accents for every room of your home. This series provides a list of free crochet pillow patterns to make pillows for anyone in your life.

Crochet Pillow Cover Patterns

The amazing crochet pillow cover patterns you use in your home can be used for various purposes. They could be decorative, such as those designed with flowers or other beautiful designs to enhance the appearance of your furniture. Or they could be functional, such as when you use them to add comfort when watching TV or reading a book. Whatever purpose they serve, they can make an important statement about who you are and help you create your own personalized version of one.

Mosaic Crochet Pillow Pattern

Add geometric flair to your bedroom with this crocheted pillow. Its beautiful pattern will double as a statement piece, whether placed on your bed or tucked into a corner nook. This crochet pillow is as versatile as it is beautiful. It can be used as an accent piece on a chair or sofa or as a room divider in an entryway or foyer. The pattern comprises little strips and stitches, so it’s great for beginners and beyond. Uplift your home decor with this unique art piece, perfect for adding some flare to any space!

Crochet Pillow Pattern Vintage

C2C Crochet Vintage Pillow

Crochet this pillow if you love the look of classic Nordic colorwork. Each square is worked in a mini corner-to-corner (C2C) technique so you can make a large pillow as quickly and easily as possible. The addition of decorative bobbles adds extra visual interest and texture. It has the feel of a handmade item, so it’s especially cute on a home desk or entryway bench. This pattern is easy to understand and works up quickly, even for beginners!


Free Crochet Pillow Patterns For Beginners

Nothing is better than picking up a new craft and having fun while doing it. You’ll love this video if you’ve been searching for ways to learn how to crochet. This easy crochet pillow will teach you the basics of making your first pillow covering! From beginning to end, learn how to start your first crochet project – perfect for beginners of all ages! Try this beginner crochet pillow pattern to learn how to work with all different kinds of yarn, stitches, and designs. Keep watching to see all the features!

Sunflower Crochet Pillow Pattern

Throw Pillow Crochet

This project is for the beginner-level crocheter, as it’s simple but has a fun texture. The pillow is made by crocheting a “ball,” stuffing it, and then sewing it closed (you can use yarn scraps to make these “scraps” from an old woven throw). Then, add some petals around the outside of your ball and attach them with yarn tails to finish the project. It’s very easy and requires no sewing machine. The Throw Pillow Crochet pattern is great for using up your leftover yarn. It’s crocheted in one piece and requires no sewing. This is a fun project for an evening or as a gift.


Crochet Funky Fringe Pillow

free crochet Funky Fringe Pillow pattern

The pillow is ready to make your living room super comfy and cozy! This crochet pillow pattern is such a fun and funky addition to any room! It’s got the perfect spunk while sporting some laid-back, simple vibes. This crochet pillow is made from two rectangles with a simple textured design and then finished with geometric crochet edging. It’s the perfect way to update your living room or bedroom with some color!


Party Time Mini Pillow Pattern

Free Crochet Party Time Mini Pillow Pattern

Get in the party spirit with this fun crochet pillow that provides a pop of color to any space! This mini pillow is quick and easy to make but still provides a great place for your loved ones to rest. You can add fun text or a custom design to personalize it for any occasion. One of the most beautiful things about this crochet pillow pattern is that it can be customized in any way you like. Change up colors, add embellishments, use a different size hook to make the design bigger, and have fun with it!


Modern Crochet Pillow Pattern

Modern X Crochet Pillow Pattern

This easy crochet pillow pattern is the perfect way to make a statement in your home decor. You can customize the look with different colors or just change out the graphic within the pattern (graphic included). Add a modern twist to your decor with this free crochet pillow pattern. It’s a great project for those new to modern crochet and a fun way to show off your favorite color combinations. It uses only basic crochet stitches and has an awesome graphic look that’s super easy to customize!


Crochet Cactus Pillows

Crochet Cactus Pillows

Everyone will go crazy over this gorgeous crochet cactus pillow! It’s made with basic stitches and is a great way to use up your leftover yarn. This is a great way to introduce some desert style into your home, and this fun and easy pattern come in both small and large size. You can also try playing around with different yarn weights or adding more petals to get a bigger cushion. It adds new life and happiness to your space!


Crochet Geo Stripe Pillow Pattern

Crochet Geo Stripe Pillow

This geometric stripe pillow is the perfect addition to your living space. It will bring vibrant color and make your couch look great! This pillow showcases the beauty of hand crochet work, making it an ideal choice for gifting. Choose from two sizes, and make it in a variety of neutral tones that are easy to style with other colors. It even has a hidden zipper closure for easy cover removal and cleaning.


Crochet Yo-yo Pillow

Crocheted Yo-yo Pillow

Crochet is a versatile and easy craft that can be used to make teddy bears, pillows, hats and more! The Crocheted Yo-yo Pillow is a great gift for family members, friends or yourself. The pattern includes all the instructions to crochet this pillow in your favorite color palette. With a hand-drawn yo-yo design, you will surely enjoy this throw pillow for years. Use it on a bed, couch or chair to add a summer splash to your decor.


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Retro Style Crochet Pillow Pattern

Retro Style Crochet Pillow – Free Pattern

This Retro Style Crochet Pillow is incredibly easy to make and would be a great gift for anyone on your list! This pillow can also be used as a spice jar cover. Thanks to the wonderful user, you can adjust the size easily by adding or removing chains at the beginning of each round. If you have more experience, make each accent more ornate with more detail!


Crochet Flower Pillow Pattern

crochet Sunflower Pillow

Brighten up any room with these large sunflowers! This project makes a beautiful display of color, and rows of petals are worked separately to make assembly easier. The pattern includes full written instructions and a photo tutorial that will guide you through each step of its creation. This free crochet pattern will show you how to make a large sunflower pillow that adds a bright and cheerful touch to any room.


Bobble Crochet Pillow

Bobble Crochet Pillow

The Magnolia Bobble Crochet Pillow is a fun and fashionable way to add color to any room. Use our pillow covers on your existing pillows or slip them over a standard-size pillow form. Our unique bobble stitch adds texture and character to any surface. Its playful shape adds dimension to any room and makes it perfect for mixing or matching with other pillows in the collection. The pattern includes a chart for the bobble stitch and directions for creating the spiral motif.


Square Crochet Pillow Pattern

Crochet Square Pillow

Crochet this mitered square pillow to create a unique angle perfect for accent or sofa decor. The pillow is crocheted using an easy-to-work pattern, which makes it just right for beginners. The finished size is about 15”, so it will fit on a full-sized bed, or you can double it up to make it extra thick if desired. It’s a great upcycle project and a fabulous way to use leftover yarns in your stash!


Crochet Pillow Cover Pattern

Striped Crochet Pillow Cover

A striped crochet pillow cover is a simple way to add color and texture to any décor. This project is a perfect way to use cone yarn leftovers—this beautiful pillow is made using three different spools of yarn. The stripes slant downward on the pillow from top to bottom, making it even easier. The chevron pattern offers an interesting twist on the classic stripe and is sure to draw the eyes. This crocheted pillow cover features an easy-to-install zipper enclosure.


Crochet Pillow Cover With Buttons

Crochet Buttoned Throw Pillow

The Button Throw Pillow Pattern is the perfect craft to use up your extra buttons. It’s great for beginners or advanced sewers; anyone can make it from any fabric they like. If you have kids or love a bright and cheerful home, this pattern is for you. Add some love to your home decor and have a handmade gift that looks like you purchased it in a shop. This easy-to-follow and simple pattern uses a total of 5 buttons, which provide a great stitch definition.


Easy Crochet Pillow Cover

Cushion Cover Crochet Pattern

Make a beautiful cushion cover that is the perfect addition to your home. This simple crochet pattern is quick and easy to make with just one ball of acrylic yarn, so you’ll be able to create your own stylish and unique cushions in no time. The design allows you to crochet several color combinations like the one pictured or create your own unique color palette. Lovely handmade throw cushion cover, which is great for all the seasons. You can change the color of your thread and crochet hook to match your style!


Crochet Star Pillow Pattern

Crochet Star Pillow

Transform your home into a cozy retreat with our Crochet Star Pillow. Made of cotton yarn, it’s a great throw pillow for a living room or bedroom. Its star design keeps things on-trend, and you can use it to add personality and charm to any space. This is a perfect and unique pillow for your bedroom, living room, or home. This can be a decorative pillow to add freshness to your house. It also makes a lovely gift to someone you love.


Crochet Alaska Snow Flowers Pillow

Crochet Alaska Snow Flowers Pillow

The Crochet Alaska Snow Flowers Pillow is a great way to stay warm on those cold nights. It creates a beautiful accent for any decor. You can store it in the spring and summer, then bring it back when needed! This pillow with Alaska snowflakes in stunning shades will add amazing decoration to your home. You can add it to a chair or sofa or place it on the table as a centerpiece. This is a great gift for all occasions – housewarming, birthdays, weddings, etc.


Crochet Cross Stitch Maker Pillow

Crochet & Cross Stitch Maker Pillow

This beautiful pillow cover is made with a crochet hook and cross stitch for a braided design. The pillow cover is crafted successfully with handpicked yarns of golden color that are so amazing and makes this masterpiece the best for your bedroom and sofa. If you want to make any changes in the pattern or your desired size, it will be easy for you to apply them to this pattern.


Crochet Loop Pillow Pattern

Crochet Bullion Loop Pillow

Keep your house geared up with this super simple crochet pattern. Crochet Bullion Loop Pillow will help you up in style with its fringes and grey color, making it more adorable. The best thing about this pattern is that it is easy to make, even for a beginner. You can use Bernat Maker Home Dec yarn to make this pattern and add some crochet stitches like the bullion ones on them. It’s easy to make and ideal for beginners. The addition of fringes makes it extra cute and cozy for cold weather.


Dahlia Pillow Crochet Pattern

Dahlia Pillow Free Crochet Pattern

Are you looking for a simple and eye-catching crochet pattern that you can use in all parts of your home? If yes, then make this Dahlia Pillow Free Crochet Pattern. It would help you change your house’s look with its beautiful eye-catching colors. It is perfect when you want to impress your friends with the interior decoration of your house. You can make this pattern in many colors according to your home design.


Granny Square Pillow

Crochet Love Your Granny Square Pillow

This Crochet Love, Your Granny Square Pillow, is a free crochet pattern. You can make it using simple double crochet techniques and a color-changing process. This easy pillow also requires you to use all-natural materials such as cotton yarn and tapestry needle during making it. So if you want to give something special to your friends, you can try this outstanding crochet pillow. This crochet pillow pattern is easy to make, and everyone can follow it! This accessory is suitable for decorating any room in your house using cotton yarn.


Crochet Sleepy Santa Pillow

Crochet Sleepy Santa Pillow

You will want to give your home a warm and cozy touch during the holiday season. We have an amazing wall hanging pattern for you, Crochet Sleepy Santa Pillow, that you can use for Christmas decoration with its soft color and dashing design. It looks perfect in any part of the house. You can keep this anywhere you want. This crochet pattern is good for your bed when you want to sleep completely without spending much time and money.


Crochet Throw Pillow Pattern

Crochet Throw Pillow Pattern

Looking for an easy crochet pillow pattern? Look no further! This detailed, step-by-step tutorial is super easy to follow. Get inspired by this beautiful and elegant crochet pattern that will brighten your home. This beginner-friendly throw pillow is perfect if you’re new to crocheting and want something easy to make. It’s worked in black and white with a simple slip-stitch pattern on the front, which is classic yet modern.


Pom Pom Cushion Crochet Pattern

Pom Pom Cushion Crochet Pattern

This Pom Pom Cushion Crochet Pattern is a pattern that can give a cute and cozy look to your home. It is a combination of light and dark colors with a fancy design. You can also make this pillow’s crochet cushion at home using soft cotton fabric that makes it skin-friendly. This sweet cushion will make you feel comfortable when you rest on it. You can use this pattern to enliven your couch or add a contemporary touch to the window seats of your home. Try this wonderful tutorial to decorate your home beautifully.


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