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20 Best DIY Scrunchie Holder Ideas For Ladies

If you have a bunch of hair bands lying around next to your mirror, you don’t need to worry about them anymore – because we’ll show you how easy it is to make your DIY scrunchie holder!

DIY Scrunchie Holder Ideas

DIY Scrunchie Holder Ideas

When it comes to hair accessories, scrunchies are a classic. But there’s a problem—they’re not very portable. You can’t just toss them into your purse or makeup bag without worrying about destroying the elastic band. You could try putting them in a plastic bag or sandwich bag, but that takes up even more room and doubles the number of things you need to take with you every time you leave the house. The solution? Scrunchie holders!

Unique Scrunchie Holders

These little pouches are cute enough to display on your dresser but small enough to stash on your vanity table or in the bathroom. They take up almost no room and are quick and easy to make. With so many different styles and patterns available, there’s one that will perfectly match your style. Here are DIY Scrunchie Holder Ideas for all your hair needs!

Easy DIY Scrunchie Holder Ideas

Scrunchies are for anyone who loves to keep their hair out of their face. They’re also a great way to accessorize any outfit and make your hair look cute in a pinch. If you like wearing scrunchies, you probably know that keeping track of them can be a hassle. Unlike an elastic band, scrunchies don’t usually have built-in keepers.

While some DIY Scrunchie Holder Ideas are out there, most scrunchies are left with no place to call home. You could throw them in a drawer, but they will inevitably get tangled up with other items and lost forever. So, here the Scrunchie Holder is the best option!

This article will show you how to make your DIY scrunchy holder so you’ll never have trouble finding your favorite hair accessories again. There are many ways to do this–you’ll find plenty of inspiration below.

Benefits Of Having Scrunchie Holders

If you’ve ever worn your hair in a ponytail, you know the struggle of finding a place to store your scrunchies. You can’t just throw them on the floor or let them hang out in your pocket because they’ll get dirty; no one wants that. That’s where DIY scrunchy holders come in handy! Not only do they help keep your scrunchies clean and organized, but they also add a little bit of style to your room.

Here are some benefits of DIY Scrunchie Holder Ideas

  • If you’re looking for ways to save space in your room, DIY scrunchy holders are an excellent solution! They don’t take up much room and can easily be hidden behind other things.
  • DIY scrunchy holders are also great because they’re easy to make and don’t cost much! Plus, with their fun designs, you’ll be able to find something that suits your personality perfectly!

DIY Scrunchie Holder

Are you tired of looking for your scrunchies? Well, no problem! We found a way to make a quick and easy scrunchie holder that uses only a few supplies. This is an easy craft project that’s perfect for beginners and people who hate doing crafts. Plus, the finished product is adorable and helps keep those scrunchies organized. This DIY holder keeps them all in one place, making life easier and keeping your closet organized. It’s cheap, easy to make, and requires no special tools. Plus, it makes an excellent gift for any girl who cares about her hair!

Easy Scrunchie Holder Display Stand

Want an easy way to organize your scrunchie collection? These easy-to-create Scrunchie Holders are the perfect way to store your favorite scrunchies! Just cut a paper towel tube into a rectangular shape and wrap the top with tape. You’ll love this cute and colorful way to keep your hair ties nice and tidy. This DIY scrunchie holder is a quick, inexpensive, and easy project for any home or bathroom. It makes a perfect gift for girls who love their hair accessories!

How To Make A DIY Scrunchie Holder

Do you have an abundance of scrunchies but nowhere to store them? Turn an old wooden disc into a stylish display for your scrunchies. This DIY scrunch holder project is easy to make and not cost-intensive. It’s the perfect size to hold a lot of scrunchies; it looks great and helps you organize them. For this project, you have to Pick a wooden disc, two dowels, glue, and spray paint and create a holder that you can put anywhere in your room.

Easy Scrunchie Holder

Scrunchies are a great way to keep your hair up and off your face, but keeping their elasticity can be challenging. With this simple holder, you can keep your scrunchie in place while it’s not being used. A hair tie isn’t necessary with the Scrunchie Holder because the band holds the scrunchie in place by itself. This easy DIY project is an excellent addition to any home. It keeps all your hair accessories in one place and makes them easier to find.

Quick Scrunchie Holder Tutorial

Quick Scrunchie Holder Tutorial

Nothing is quite as annoying as when you’re getting ready in the morning, only to see all of your scrunchies stuffed into a random corner of your room—or straight up missing. Next time this happens, whip out your drill and make this beautiful scrunchie holder with this guide. Keeping your scrunchie collection nicely organized and in one place is easy with this quick and inexpensive tutorial. It’s so easy; you won’t believe it.


DIY Scrunchie Holder

There’s nothing quite like the classic scrunchie. This hair tie is perfect for those who prefer something a bit more “grown up,” but at the same time, it can be worn around your wrist as you style your hair. The DIY scrunchie holder will keep your favorite bands together in one place, so you can grab them quickly when you need to pull back your hair. This quick and easy project is a great way to reuse old wood and create something practical, cute, and fun.

Easy Scrunchie Holder Display Stand

Easy Scrunchie Holder Display Stand

Create the perfect scrunchie holder with this easy DIY project. Made with wood, dowel, glue, and paint, it features holes that allow you to clip your hair ties in place. This Scrunchie Holder is the perfect tool to store your scrunchies. With this handy stand, you’ll always find your favorite scrunchie at hand when you need one. Best of all, it’s easy to make and requires no power tools.


Most Easy Scrunchie Holder

You will never have to worry about the scrunchie falling out of the holder again. The criss-cross pattern and glue make the holder sturdy enough to hold your scrunchies securely. If you love doing crafts, this simple project is perfect for anyone wanting to spruce up their desk or bathroom counter while adding style. This scrunchie holder can be made with materials from around your house (or even purchased new), and it’s great for almost any occasion!

3-Step Scrunchie Holder Tutorial

3-Step Scrunchie Holder Tutorial

This scrunchie holder DIY is one you’ll want to make for the convenience of holding your accessories close to you. Made from things around you, like the empty toilet paper roll, a plastic lid, a heavyweight coaster, and some hot glue, this 3-step tutorial will have you ready in no time! Making your scrunchie holder only takes a few minutes, and the most impressive part is that it’s made from things around you.


DIY Scrunchie Holder

DIY Scrunchie Holder

If you are a fan of scrunchies, then this is the perfect holder for you. It is simple and easy to make and requires some basic materials. This DIY Scrunchie Holder is the ideal way to keep your hair ties organized and ready for use. This easy craft can be customized to make a fabulous gift for any occasion. Stylish, sturdy, and built to last, these holders add flair to your dressers and wardrobes. Don’t just save space; make it beautiful!


How To Make Scrunchie Holder From Trash

A scrunchie holder is a must for every girl. But the issue is that most of these holders are too pricey to buy and are not worth buying. So, what do you do if you want a scrunchie holder that costs nothing? You make it yourself! It’s easy, fun, and cost-efficient. The project can be done in easy steps that take no time to master. Let’s get started! They’re great to make as holiday gifts for you or your friends, or keep one for yourself!

Cheap DIY Scrunchie Holder

Cheap DIY Scrunchie Holder

This fluffy and cute scrunchie holder is perfect for anyone who wants to organize their hair bands and scrunchies. You can make this for next to nothing, and it will look adorable in your bathroom or vanity. If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to organize all those scrunchies and hair ties, this DIY is for you! It’s an affordable way to store scrunchies, bows, and an endless supply of hair ties so you can find them easily when you need them!


Hair Tie Holder DIY

We all know that scrunchies are a lifesaver when your hair goes out of control, but they tend to get tangled up pretty quickly and lose their usefulness. If you’re tired of searching for the right scrunchie, this storage idea is just what you need. It will keep them handy, organized, and ready when you need them! So, Update your look with this easy DIY. It’s a fun way to show off your favorite hair accessories and the perfect place to store them on your vanity.

Scrunchie Holder Idea

People love scrunchies, but how do you keep your precious scrunchie collection out of sight and in one place? Here’s our idea for a cute and simple DIY that lets you keep your scrunchies hidden away yet permanently close at hand. A scrunchie holder is an incredible way to display your beloved scrunchies handily and cutely. It’ll look like something straight out of a magazine; however, this one is easy to make and unique.

Inexpensive Scrunchie Holder

Inexpensive Scrunchie keeper

If you love to wear scrunchies and keep them organized, this scrunchie holder is perfect for you! This tutorial shows you how to make your inexpensive scrunchie holder that is easy to make out of PVC pipe, scrap wood, and glue. You can customize it any way you like and make it your own by adding paint or vinyl labels. This project is perfect for when you are looking for a quick and easy way to organize your hair accessories.


Scrunchie PegBoard Display DIY

Are you tired of looking at your collection of scrunchies piled in a drawer or bag? Do you want to make something beautiful and functional for your favorite craft but need more time or patience to sew? If so, this pegboard display is for you. It’s perfect for any crafter looking to organize their accessories and show off their work in one beautiful place! This Scrunchie Pegboard Display is a great way to show off your scrunchies and make them more accessible simultaneously. Just hang this board on a wall, and use the hooks to display your scrunchie beauties in style!

$1 Scrunchie Holder

$1 Holder for ladies

A scrunchie holder is straightforward to make, and you can use it to keep your scrunchie in the perfect place while it’s not on your head. This is an affordable organizing hack that takes very little time and effort. Not only does this DIY dollar scrunchies holder trick look super cute and chic, but it is also super easy to do. All you need is a dollar-store scrunchie and some scissors. This handy guide shows you how This project requires nothing from you so that you can keep your day simple and sweet.


DIY Scrunchie Tower

Tired of having your scrunchies all over the place? Here is a simple solution that will help you organize your scrunchie collection. With glue and a few other materials, you can make this modern tower that is just as beautiful as it is practical. This simple project doesn’t require much effort, but it significantly impacts the organization and style of your bathroom or room. So, watch this video tutorial and Make a DIY scrunchie tower to hold all your hair accessories.

How To Make A Scrunchie Holder

How To Make A Holder

Do you have a bucket of scrunchies? This dollar store hack is so simple it will make you wonder why you didn’t think of it yourself. Organizing your scrunchies is easy with this 1-dollar project that’s cheap, cute, and practical. You can easily find these materials at your local craft store or online. Choose your favorite colors for these little cuties and make them even more personal using fabric.


Scrunchie Holder DIY

If you love to make things, you might also be a fan of saving money. And if you love your hair accessories and want to keep them in one place, this DIY scrunchie holder is a great way to do both. Here’s a DIY locker keeper project that you can make at home. You need duct tape, an empty toilet paper roll, and other recycled materials. Just check out the tutorial and make your scrunchie holder.

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