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10 Beautiful Luna Moth Drawing Ideas In Different Colors

Have you ever seen a moth that can be as beautiful as a Luna moth? I recently saw him in a cartoon and became curious about it. After some research, I became a fan of their beautiful appearance, which inspired me to curate this list of super cute Luna moth drawing ideas. It will be a Kickstarter for putting your hands on smaller drawing projects that can make beautiful masterpiece artwork without much effort.

Luna Moth Drawing Ideas

Luna Moth Drawing Ideas 2

I try adding the Luna moth’s different admirable scenes and try glorifying its appearance in multiple color ranges, so if you are interested in trying a unique and amazing catch for the next drawing period, following this series of illustrations can be a great choice.

Easy Luna Moth Drawing

Easy Luna Moth Drawing

The Luna moth is my personal favorite species in the insect kingdom. Their unique wingspan and admirable green color fascinate me a lot. This is why I put my hands on this amazing Luna moth drawing. The one I presented above looks so cute because its butterfly-like shape and antenna on its head greatly enhance its admirability.

Luna Moth Drawing

Luna Moth Drawing On Hand

Do you know that Luna moths can be up to 5-7 inches with some specific conditions? Some species of these insects can grow up to this width. With that concept in mind, I made this beautiful and admirable Luna moth drawing for you.

Luna Moth Drawing In Forest

Luna Moth Drawing On Forest

We all see the Luna moths wandering here and there, but I try depicting her in a super beautiful forest walkway with trees on both sides. My imaginative drawing looks extremely fun and admirable, making this a great scene to be a part of your sketchbook.

Shining Luna Moth Drawing

Shining Luna Moth Drawing

Luna moths shine, and they shine up to this level that they seem glowing. But watching a luna moth in such a condition is very rare. That’s why I utilize my drawing skills to show that scenery. Children are going to get very excited watching a shining moth, and you are also going to fall in love with it.

Mud Colored Luna Moth Drawing

Mud Colored Luna Moth Drawing

When we have the pencil in hand, we’re the master. With the same situation on my mind and something impressive to draw on paper, I was thinking about coloring a Luna moth in yellow with a muddy background. I did, and in my opinion, it became one of my heartedly favorite art pieces.

Sky Blue Luna Moth Drawing

Sky Blue Luna Moth Drawing

This was just a simple moth when I started this drawing, but my creativity let this end up turning into a masterpiece artwork of Luna moth drawing in sky blue. It looks extremely unique and catches the interest of the person watching it at first glance.

Animated Luna Moth

Animated Luna Moth

Kids have a huge craze about Luna moths because they’re a part of some famous animated series nowadays. That’s why adding this lens moth drawing here can be a good option. It looks quite simple, and surely it’s very easy to draw, so if you want to start in the drawing world, this drawing will be a go-to option.

Colorful Luna Moth Drawing

Colorful Background Moth

Let’s draw a super colorful Luna moth by ourselves, getting inspiration from the easiest illustration I provided above. It looks unique, but it differentiates from the real moth, which is pure green in color. Because I was looking for something creative and colorful, I tried adding multi-colored flowers at the bottom of my drawing and matched that vibe here in this Luna’s color, too.

Black Luna Moth Drawing

Black Moth illustration

Draw a super cute Luna moth in a beautiful black pencil color following this fantastic illustration. It looks wonderful and looks like a fully grown Luna moth because of its vast wingspan. You can add it to your moth drawing collection or use it for several other useful options.

Cartoon Luna Moth Drawing

Cartoon Moth sketch

Put your hands on this cartoon Luna moth drawing and end up in a super stylized and unique addition to your handmade drawing collection with minimal effort. It looks beautiful and admirable because of its unique and softer colorful appearance, making this drawing a kid’s favorite.


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