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15 DIY Roll Top Desk Plans For Stylizing Your Desks

Follow this amazing collection of DIY Roll Top Desk ideas that is a great way to show off your skills. This roll-top desk is a practical piece of furniture and a fantastic addition to your home decor that oozes a vintage charm. With these DIY ideas and your creativity, you can make a custom desk that fits your needs and style.

DIY Roll Top Desk Ideas

DIY Roll Top Desk Plans 1

Building a roll-top desk can be an excellent project for the beginning woodworker. The plans are easy to follow, and it is a fun way to use your old bookshelf. In no time, you will have a beautiful piece of furniture that you can use for all sorts of different things, but it looks best when it is used as a desk.

So whether you’re looking to add functionality to your space or want something unique to display in your living room, here are some DIY roll-top desk ideas worth checking out that run the gamut from simple to intricate designs.

Antique To Chic Roll Top Desk

From Antique To Chic Roll Top Desk

You will be so happy with this desk. It is the perfect size and shape for dressing up your home office, but it is also well-suited for the dining room or even an entryway table. You can decorate your home in a very creative way by making this roll-top desk idea. This DIY project requires you to be handy and creative to get the most out of your desk. If you love to get creative with DIY furniture transformations, this roll-top desk idea will inspire you!


DIY Roll Top Desk Idea Tutorial is a great way to convert a thrifted roll-top desk into something new. This tutorial is perfect for beginner DIYers and those who want to take their desk space to the next level. With just a few quick steps and the right supplies, this makeover is a great way to add storage space while preserving the bottom area as a traditional writing surface! This easy weekend project is a great way to reuse an old thrifted piece of furniture in your home.

Flipping A Roll Top Desk

Here’s a great idea for taking an old roll-top desk and turning it into a beautiful desk that looks great, is easy to use, and saves space. If you love the vintage vibe of the roll-top desk and want to pull it into your own space but aren’t a massive fan of the architectural details, consider flipping it on its end and using it as a console table. This can be done with most styles of desks, but you will love the idea of an industrial one like this simple piece from IKEA.

This fun DIY project is perfect for beginners, and the giant roll top gives the desktop a vintage feel. Have fun making this easy desk with a beautiful finish that can be made from any furniture you already have around your house. It’s affordable, functional, and just gorgeous! All it takes is basic woodworking skills, time, and an old drawer from a thrift shop or your garage. The result: a beautiful new desk that fits into any space. Check out the video to see how it’s done!

Making A Roll Top Desk

If you love the look of rolltop desks but want to avoid paying the high price tag, you can make one yourself! All you need is a simple pine tabletop and matching legs. You will also need a piece of leather, but you can buy that at any hardware store for cheap. Watch this video for tips on how to make this incredible piece for your home office. It’s an ideal project for a beginner carpenter or anyone who wants to build something fun and valuable.

Roll Top Desk Reinvented

Roll Top Desk ReinventedThis clever, stylish design is a welcome addition to any office. The roll-top desk reinvents the classic style, giving it a modern twist. With a sleek design, the desk has a solid and sturdy wooden frame with plenty of storage space for your essentials and is finished in natural wood, so it fits into any home decor effortlessly. This DIY roll-top desk is the perfect project to create and give as a gift to someone you love! The steps are simple; when finished, this desk can be used in any homeroom.


Roll Top Desk Makeover

Roll Top Desk Makeover

If you have a roll-top desk that could use a little update or are looking for a fun DIY project and don’t know where to start, this tutorial is for you! This awesome idea will have you on your way to creating an awesome new look that is guaranteed to be a hit with all of your friends! So, Transform a plain, easy corner desktop into a stylish, functional piece. The guide below will provide easy step-by-step instructions to ensure you do it correctly.


How To Fix A Broken Roll Top Desk

How To Fix A Broken Roll Top Desk

A roll top desk accurately represents what you see in your mind when you think about a desk. However, a broken roll-top desk is not such a good thing. Most of the time, these desks have damaged rollers and need restoration or cannot be used anymore. Here are some fixes for the common problems that most people face with their roll-top desks. Get started with these easy tips and tricks.


Making A Roll Top Desk

Add a touch of elegance to your office space with this DIY roll-top desk idea. This DIY roll-top desk is a beautiful piece of furniture that will bring you years of enjoyment. The beautiful details, one-of-a-kind design, and valuable roll top make this a project you can be proud of. Using natural wood and brass hardware, you can create something stylish and practical in any room setting.

Rolltop Desk

Rolltop Desk

This project is a great way to recycle old furniture and incorporate it with a modern style. It is easy to make, and you can customize it for your needs. All the materials are affordable, and some are simple to find around your home, making this an inexpensive project, too! You can create one yourself with just a few simple tools. The process is easy and fun.


Roll-Top Desk

Roll-Top Desk

The Rolltop Desk is a great way to add storage and style to your home. Using a few essential tools and wood, you can build a beautiful desk that’s sure to last. This roll-top desk makes a great home office or craft table, perfect for small spaces. It allows you to define how much space you need to work in and make it your own by decorating it with whatever inspires you.


DIY Lego Roll Top Desk

DIY Lego Roll Top Desk

This Lego roll-top desk is a perfect space-saving solution for small families or students. The desk is sturdy and functional, with plenty of storage for books and supplies. This is an easy DIY project that won’t break your wallet, but it will give you a stylish desk that you can use as a workstation in your home office. Rustic modern style is perfect for teenagers and young adults. So, go through this guide and start making!


This simple project is super easy and fun to make. It doesn’t require special skills or tools, and the results are fantastic, creating an elegant piece of furniture you’ll be proud to show off. This roll-top desk is perfect for a small office, home study or craft room! It’s a great way to utilize unused space and add style and function. This video tutorial will show how you can build a rolltop desk in just one weekend with lumber purchased at your local home improvement store.

Vintage Roll Top Desk Makeover

Vintage Desk Makeover

Are you looking for a side table for your living room that also serves as a daytime activity desk? Look no further than this DIY Roll Top Desk idea! This tutorial will show you how to turn an old roll-top table into a unique side table with lots of storage. This vintage roll-top desk makeover is both functional and stylish. It’s perfect for any room in your house, whether it’s your living room, dining room, or bedroom. Use this guide to learn more!


The Right Way To Refinish A Rolltop Desk

The Right Way To Refinish A Rolltop Desk

Furniture refinishing is a hard and much-needed skill, but it can also pay off. A perfect example of this is roll-top desks for homes and businesses. There are many ways to refinish old wood furniture, but none are as unique as this little roll-top desk. In this guide, you’ll learn how to refinish a rolltop desk with a level of excellence even the most seasoned professionals would be proud of. The best part of this project was that you could save some money by refinishing your furniture.


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