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28 Cheapest DIY Pencil Holder Ideas

Not all of us have the luxury of using a desk designated only for pencils. Most of us don’t. Sure, we can always just put a stack of pencils inside our drawers, but then we have to go through the hassle of sorting them and finding the right DIY Pencil Holder Ideas each time we need one. The mess can pile up quickly if you’re not careful about keeping them in order.

Best DIY Pencil Holder For Student Desks

DIY Pencil Holder Ideas 1

Wouldn’t it be nice if every pencil had its own home? Luckily, we’ve decided to give you a helping hand with this issue. In this article, we’ve compiled dozens of different DIY Pencil Holder Ideas that are both functional and stylish to suit your taste and budget. You’ll find something that works for you and your space here!

Easy Pencil Holder Ideas

Pencil holders are a practical and inexpensive way to show your love for the arts. They’re also easy to make, so you can customize each with your unique style. If you’ve never tried making a pencil holder, here are some unique DIY Pencil Holder Ideas to get you started. Some of these pencil holders take minutes, and some may take a day to complete. Use these ideas to inspire how to repurpose materials in your home and make something extraordinary.

Here are many benefits of DIY pencil holder ideas, but here are some of the most important:

  • Creative ways for kids to store their art supplies
  • No need to spend money when you don’t have to
  • Easy for you to make your designs

DIY Painted Mason Jars

DIY Painted Mason Jars

Have any mason jars hanging around your home in the craft supplies area? Maybe you have some leftovers from a canning project, or you’ve been saving them for a while. Pull them out and get inspired to make these DIY-painted mason jars using the Creative storage option for chalk paint! This mason jar pencil holder is easy to make and customizable in any color. The best part is it holds regular and colored pencils along with so many other small things that clutter your desk or tabletop. You’ll also love using these as a vase for fresh flowers every season!


How To Make A Pencil Holder From Empty Tin Cans

How To Make A Pencil Holder From Empty Tin Cans

A pencil holder is a great way to put your “can-do” attitude toward creating a mini-environment in the classroom for kids (and adults!). This craft is simple and easy to do with minimal supplies. You can create one as a school project or use it at home. It might be one of the best desk accessories you can make. Making a pencil holder from a tin can is ideal for Back to School or Christmas. Young kids will enjoy it, and it’s a great way to reuse empty tins. This simple craft can become an heirloom item, too!


Back To School Pencil Holder

Back To School Pencil Holder

Here’s a simple DIY pencil holder to make you feel at the beach! This colorful craft is perfect for returning to school and a great gift. You only need a few supplies, and it’s super easy to create. Start with an unfinished wood box, paint colors of your choice, floral blooms, and washi tape. Next comes the fun part: painting the sides. Cover them all up in solid colors or stripes for a colorful look. Once the paint is dry, hang it on your wall or a desk. There are many options when decorating these boxes; you could get as creative as possible!


Simple DIY Cup Holder

Simple DIY Pencil Holder

Making a pencil holder is easier than you think, especially if you are creative. You can make it your style by using creative and colorful papers to design and decorate the paper. Instead of buying a premade one, try making some yourself. This Simple DIY Pencil Holder is easy to make, and you can use any parfait cup or glass as the base. Wrap a piece of paper around it, glue and add a magnet for your handmade pencil holder. It’s easier to stick around the wall in the kitchen or a bathroom, so anyone can grab a pencil when necessary.


DIY Pencil Holder From A Jar

DIY Pencil Holder From A Jar

This recycled glass jar pencil holder adds a decorative touch to your desk. To make your pencil holder, you will need an empty jam jar with a lid and a piece of decorative paper. Decoupage the inside with patterned paper, or paint whatever color best matches your interior design scheme. When you’re done, add a few colored pencils, chalk, and a pretty flower to complete this simple yet elegant supply holder!


DIY Cork Pencil Holder

DIY Cork Pencil Holder

Consider this awesome cork DIY pencil holder if you want to make a unique and fabulous DIY project. Cork is not only affordable, but it also looks good and gives your home a cozy ambiance. Make this fun and easy cork DIY pencil holder that you can customize with your art. With a simple stencil, you need some glue to be ready! It is adorable and simple, even for someone with limited crafting skills.


DIY Pencil Holder With Cork

DIY Pencil Holder With Cork

A pencil holder made of cork is an awesome way to recycle the old sample flooring. This DIY Pencil Holder With Cork project will help you eliminate small pieces of unwanted cork and make a great pencil holder at home. Here is a way to make a pencil holder from cork. All you have to do is get some cork material and glue it together. Then, drill holes in the corks so you can put your pencils or pens. You can use it at home or any place you want your things to look special and interesting.


DIY Pencil Holder

DIY Pencil Holder

Are you tired of losing your pencils? This DIY project allows you to fill a unique design with whatever types of pens or pencils you want. A very cool DIY Pencil Holder that you can make yourself. You get to design the size, shape, and number of holes you would like it to be. Then, once your CAD print is ready, you must put all your pens/pencils in them. You can use this Tinker CAD to make a unique and personalized design.


DIY Knex Pencil Holder

DIY Knex Pencil Holder

Look no further if you’re looking to reduce desk clutter while keeping your pencils in view. Knex is a fantastic building toy, and this DIY Knex pencil holder idea shows you how to build your Knex pencil holder. This Pencil Holder is the perfect way to mark your place and organize your favorite writing utensils. It is great for kids or adults with a little bit of patience. This is an easy project and takes only a few minutes to make.


DIY Desktop Pencil Holder

DIY Desktop Pencil Holder

You’ve probably seen a few DIY pencil holders, but how about one that will fit into even the tiniest spaces without taking up valuable desk space? This pencil holder is made from a single foam core board and secured by E6000 glue. You’ll only work with a craft knife, ruler, and basic materials. This a great project to use on rainy days or weekend mornings when you can not leave your home!


DIY Simple Pencil Organizer

DIY Simple Pencil Organizer

This DIY pencil holder is perfect for your desk or the kids’ playroom. If you want a simple, inexpensive, beautiful project idea, this is it! You can find everything you need at your local craft store. There is no need to throw out all the old jars in your apartment or house. You can use these to make this DIY pencil organizer. You will also need to buy some wool, but if you already have it at home, that’s even better!


Concrete Style Pencil Holder

Concrete Style Holder

It’s good to have a place to keep your pencils handy, but it’s even better when that same place is pretty. If you’re not a fan of the look of standard wooden pencil holders and want to add a decorative touch to your office or home, this DIY Concrete Style Pencil Holder is what you’re looking for! Make it yourself with these simple steps to make your unique and beautiful pencil holder that even looks like concrete!

For this project, you will need a brick, a wooden base, paint, and other supplies. You can also mix it with different colors, such as making yours one solid color or adding some stencils or easy-to-make stamps.


Simple Concrete Pencil Holder

Simple Concrete Pencil Holder

A pencil holder is a need of every individual in today’s world. It is used to keep pens, pencils, and other small accessories. For this purpose, you can craft your pencil holder with basic concrete materials and scratch. It will also help you make a beautiful study room or office accessory. This is a great way to recycle materials that would otherwise be in the garbage or landfill. This Simple Concrete Pencil Holder article will take you through the process.


How To Make A Paper Pen Stand

Make your desk look a little neater with this pencil holder. It’s a great, easy project that can be completed in just a few minutes, and you don’t have to worry about spending tons of money on materials. All it takes is two pieces of hard paper – 1 for the base and 1 for the stand itself – which means you’ll be able to make a whole bunch of these pencil holders for cheap! Using leftover paper and making a pencil holder is an awesome idea. It looks so cool when it’s finished!

How To Make A Pencil Stand From Plastic Bottle

If you are a fan of art or are looking for some unique decor item for your house, this cute little book holder is a nice option for all people with small rooms. This video tutorial will teach you how to make a pencil holder from plastic bottles. This is perfect for your work desk, study table, or home. You can also use the whole bottle, but you should be careful because you might cut yourself while carving it with a knife or scissors.

DIY Pencil Holder From Toilet Paper Rolls

Everyone has their way of doing things, but most of the time, people would like to have their own space to keep things and their way of organizing them. For crafty DIY enthusiasts, there is no better way to spend quality time with your children than by taking on a fun and easy craft project together.

This DIY Pencil Holder from Toilet Paper Rolls is great because it helps young children get organized and set up for when they’re older. This DIY pencil holder idea is easy to make and will help your child’s desk stay clean and organized.

DIY Porcupine Pencil Holder

DIY Porcupine Pencil Holder

A porcupine pencil holder is a great way to personalize your workspace and organize your pens, pencils, and markers. This project will help you save time by providing a space for all your writing utensils inside an adorable ceramic figurine. This pencil holder is made of clay, but it looks like it’s part porcupine!

You’ll need to mold it to shape, attach the holes, and then bake it. Once your clay has hardened, combine it with the included parts and start using it immediately. The best part is that you can customize it to your liking and personality.


How To Make A Pencil Holder

How To Make A Pencil Holder

This is a fun idea if you love crafting and making crafts. You can make your DIY pencil holder from recycled materials. The best thing about this DIY idea is that you can give it any look or mood, Whether it’s cute, colorful designs or elegant black-white shades. Sketch a few pencil holders first to understand what you’re going for. If you want detailed, etched holders, use a stencil or transfer paper to trace the design on the glass. Apply different types and colors of paint until it looks like you want it to look!


Heart DIY Pencil Holder

Heart Holder

As a cute and functional way to store your pencils and pens, this DIY pencil holder is a win-win project. Get started by cutting two hearts out of the fabric. Choose contrasting fabrics or match them with coordinating shades to get great results. With these steps, you can make this project in no time! It’s simple, easy, and creative for Valentine’s Day craft. You can use any fabric you want to make your custom piece.


DIY Pencil Holder

DIY Pencil Holder 1

If you have any empty cans of processed food, you can easily use them for this project. Using an empty can is a great way to create a pencil holder. It’s also perfect for those recyclers who are into reusing stuff. Here’s how to make one of your own! Remove the labels and paint or decorate with stickers to make it look nicer. Once done, attach your embellishments and attach them back to hold notebooks or pencils. The best thing is that it’s free!


DIY Pencil Pouch

DIY Pencil Pouch

Pencil Holders are simple and easy to make. The materials needed for this craft are a sewing machine, fabrics, scissors, thread, and a needle. Make sure you cut a cool shape for your pencils so your kids can easily identify them. When the holder is ready, remember to decorate it with glitter paper and ribbons. Get a new set of crayons to have matching pencils. These are perfect for school and office use. The color codes in this pouch make it easy to distinguish between colors.


How To Make Newspaper Pen Stand

Keep your writing instruments in order by hanging them on this charming pencil holder. The project is very easy but can be used in many ways. It seems like a waste to throw away the newspaper after reading it. You can make something useful from the newspaper pages, and here is how to make a pencil stand out from newspapers. You will need – Old newspapers, scissors, glue, and double-sided tape. Easy to make, it’s the perfect DIY gift for the home or office.

DIY Origami Pen Stand

This DIY origami stand is a crafty way to hold your pens and pencils. This DIY Origami Pen Stand makes a great gift for any teacher or anyone who uses a lot of writing utensils. Create a pen holder with these easy and creative Origami Pen Stand Do It Yourself video tutorials. Make it with a single sheet of paper, scissors, and a little folding. It can be made in any color, and any pattern will work, so you can use it with different themes and colors, like Christmas or Valentine’s Day.

Pencil Holder To DIY

Holder To make by yourself

Nothing is worse than having a messy desk. And it’s even worse when you can’t find everything you need. This easy DIY pencil holder is perfect for giving your desk personality and keeping your pencils neat and organized. This DIY pencil holder is so easy and fun to make you have difficulty keeping your kids from going crazy with all sorts of colors on their own. The trick is in the Pringles can, which acts as the base — clean off any crumbs, cut out some paper (or use an old magazine), and attach it to the can with some glue. You can add colors or patterns as you like.


DIY Wooden Pencil Holder

Wooden Holder for your colors

A great way to use leftover wood from another project is to make a fascinating pencil holder like this one. Make a DIY Wooden Pencil Holder with this easy tutorial. All supplies are available at the craft store, and it’s a fun weekend project for the whole family! The natural wooden discs you see here give this holder a unique look that will surely add to the decor of many homes. The bark adds just the right natural color to this pencil holder.


Knit And Crochet Pencil Holder

Knit And Crochet Holder

Knit And Crochet Pencil Holder is a unique DIY pencil holder idea. Not only will this make your room look more stylish and organized, but it will also be useful in keeping the place clean. It takes a little time and effort, so why don’t you make one today? All you need to do is open up your knitting needles, grab some yarn and a can or jar, and rinse out. You can also make a small rectangular piece of knitted fabric for an additional cushion for your pens or highlighters!


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