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10 DIY Murphy Desk Ideas For Lesser Spaces

If you live in a hostel or lack the surface in your apartment for adding a fully fledge desk or table. Then, following these DIY Murphy desk ideas will surely be the best option; it will help you make fold-down desks that require less space but have extreme functional value.

DIY Murphy Desk Ideas 1

The Murphy desk is the perfect example of a well-designed space-saving solution for small apartments and homes. With the ability to be folded up against a wall when not in use, this table has become a dream for homeowners with too much space.

Historically, tables were only found in sophisticated offices or other large businesses. However, with the rise of DIY enthusiasts sharing their knowledge and skills, making your own Murphy desk has always been challenging.

From recycled goods to environmentally friendly materials like bamboo, there’s something for everyone out there who’s looking to make their custom piece of furniture. Here are 10 DIY Murphy Desk instructions to help you get started!

Easy DIY Murphy Desk Plans

No matter how small or large your space is, you can always make the most of it by using the space that would otherwise be wasted. Murphy desks are perfect for those with limited space who need to maximize it or want a sturdy and functional desk without long hours in front of the computer.

All you need to build one is a table that can be folded down and some basic woodworking skills. Murphy desks are the perfect solution for these odd spaces because they can be folded into their cabinets and hidden away when unused. They’re also simple to make yourself if you have some basic DIY skills, and they don’t have to cost very much.

Advantages Of Having Murphy Desks

There are many advantages to building your own Murphy desk or table.

  • DIY Murphy desks can be constructed in many shapes and sizes, making them ideal for any space.
  • You can customize the size of your DIY Murphy desk to meet your needs.
  • A DIY Murphy desk is a great solution for using unused wall space!

Wall-Mounted Secretary Desk

Wall Mounted Secretary Desk For Kids

Learn how to build your wall-mounted desk with this tutorial. Perfect for kids’ rooms, this DIY project will create a beautiful and fun space for homework, play, and just hanging out.

This wall-mounted desk will give your kids a clean and sophisticated place to complete homework, play games, and tidy their room. The DIY Murphy Desk is easy to assemble, and the design is perfect for small spaces. It has plenty of storage for pencils, books, notebooks, and more – plus, it’s easy to clean!


Rustic Industrial Wall Mounted Desk

Easy Rustic Industrial Wall Mounted Desk

Are you looking for the best Murphy desk? If so, the DIY Easy Rustic Industrial Wall Mounted Desk is a great option. This desk is easily mounted to your wall and can hold up to 50 pounds.

This desk has filing drawers for your pens and pencils. The top surface is perfect for your monitor or laptop. Create your desk with this DIY Murphy Desk that you can build in your garage or basement! Great for home offices or anywhere you need a space to work or craft.


Repurposed Kitchen Table Wall Mounted Desks

Repurposed Kitchen Table Wall Mounted Desks

This DIY wall-mounted desk is a fabulous way to repurpose a kitchen table. With just a few simple materials and easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions, this sturdy desk will brighten up any room. It’s perfect for tiny homes or even apartments!

Turning your kitchen table into a wall-mounted desk is a relatively quick, easy project. This eliminates the need for a traditional desk while giving you additional work space and storage in your kitchen or dining area. This project will require one main table and one piece of plywood to mount the desk.


DIY Murphy Desk

DIY Murphy Desk

When you want a desk that fits into tight spaces, try this DIY Murphy Desk. You’ll save money over buying furniture at the store and get exactly what you want. A Murphy desk is a wall-mounted desk with a hinged door that opens to reveal a built-in desktop. It folds against the wall and saves you space when people aren’t working at it. Building one is simple, but you need to have some tools and know how to use them before starting.


DIY Kids Homework Hideaway Wall Desk

DIY Kids Homework Hideaway Wall Desk

A DIY Kids Homework Hideaway Wall Desk is a fantastic way to personalize your child’s space! Give your children a boost with their homework with this DIY kid’s homework hideaway wall desk. It’s the perfect addition to any home and will keep any kid motivated. You can control how wide or narrow your desk is, depending on the space you have to work with. This is an easy DIY project for kids with minimal tools and time investment.


DIY Fold-Down Wall Desk

DIY Fold-Down Wall Desk

This easy-to-build DIY Murphy desk folds down and out of the way when not in use, then instantly pops open to become a desktop whenever needed. Whether you’re looking for a fold-down desk to add functionality to your home office or craft room or want to make a space feel more like yours, this DIY Murphy Desk offers excellent flexibility. Quickly and efficiently folding when not in use, it can be used at almost any height – perfect for small spaces!


Best Murphy Desk

Murphy Desk

Turn any wall into a hideaway office space. This DIY Murphy desk has everything from style and function to simple, step-by-step instructions. Transform your home office with this DIY Murphy Desk. It’s easy, takes only a few hours, and can be completed by anyone with essential tools and skills.

This project gives you the satisfaction of building something you genuinely love that works perfectly for your needs and saves you money. Creating your custom-built piece can be as simple as building a frame and attaching a desktop.


DIY Murphy Bed + Desk

DIY Murphy Bed + Desk

This DIY Murphy Bed and desk is ideal for anyone who wants a stylish way to save space. Building your own couldn’t be simpler, and you can make it any size or color you want from the pine boards used here. Transform a room in your home into a space that can be used as a desk or a sleeping area by completing this DIY Murphy Bed + Desk. The project is inexpensive and can be completed with simple tools in one weekend. Once you complete it, you will create multi-functional furniture for your home.


Murphy Craft Table

Murphy Craft Table

You’ll find something other than this piece of furniture at IKEA. It’s an updated take on the classic Murphy bed, a space-saving creation that folds up out of the way when you don’t need it and pops up when you do.

This DIY version takes less time to assemble a kitchen cart, with just enough room for work or play. Build a custom-designed desk with this DIY Murphy Craft Table. This kit comes with all the materials you need to build a beautiful, sturdy table in your style. Choose from three different sets of legs, or use your own.


DIY Modern Farmhouse Murphy Bed

Modern Farmhouse Bed

A Murphy bed is a handy, space-saving solution for small apartments, guest rooms, or second bedrooms. A DIY project for your favorite renovation-loving guy—or gal—the most satisfying part is the ability to fold and tuck away when minimal space is available and then quickly pull out to create a comfortable reading or working spot.

This DIY farmhouse-inspired desk will make a stylish addition to your home, especially with a crisp white bedding set and wooden nightstands. With storage in mind, this piece is perfect for any small room that needs an extra surface.


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