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15 DIY Dog Bed Ideas For Canines To Relax

Our amazing DIY Dog Bed Ideas can help you choose something durable, comfortable, and luxurious — just like your pup deserves. Whether you want to create a DIY dog bed out of cardboard or build a custom-raised platform bed with a mattress, we’ve got options for every type of budget, even if you aren’t a crafty person.

Easy DIY Dog Bed Ideas

DIY Dog Bed Ideas 1

With the following DIY dog bed ideas, you can create a cozy place for your dog to relax. These soft and comfortable DIY Dog Bed Ideas are great solutions for enthusiastic sleeping at home and on long trips.

If you have time to build something with your own hands, even if it takes a few hours, then make yourself a dog bed that fits your taste and those of your four-legged friend. Making these beds can be done with just a few supplies you already have around the house and can be customized to fit your pup’s favorite things.

DIY Easy Dog Bed


Why spend all the money on a dog bed when you can make your own for free? This adorable DIY easy dog bed is fun and keeps your furry friend nice and cozy. You can create this easy dog bed with a few supplies and a little time. The stylish and durable design features a removable inner cushion, so you can quickly wash the cover in warm water when it gets dirty. The best part? Your pup will be snuggled up in cozy comfort on this DIY dog bed!


DIY Farmhouse Dog Bed


The DIY Farmhouse Dog Bed is an easy and inexpensive project you can do independently. Perfect for the dog who loves a little excitement in their life, a soft fur blanket transforms this traditional farmhouse-style piece into the perfect place for your furry friend to relax. Whether you love a country feel or rustic style, this dog bed is perfect for both. This adorable dog bed will keep your furry friends comfortable while they rest, and you can customize it to suit your taste and home decor.


Dog Bed

Dog Bed

This Dog Bed project is simple yet effective. The wood used for this dog bed is plywood, and it’s easy to find and affordable. The tools needed to get this project underway are inexpensive as well. If a spray stain is desired, several additional resources are in the following list. We have included all of the tools you need so that you can complete this project with ease. Stain and paint bright colors for your indoor dog who has been missing sunlight most of his life, or keep it simple with a gray or white tone for a garden resting spot that blends into the surroundings.


DIY Pet Bed

DIY Pet Bed

If you have a beloved, friendly companion at home, you ought to ensure they are having a good time in the comfy house or apartment. Creating an elegant DIY pet bed can add style to your home décor and keep your pets warm and comfortable when they rest. Made from high-quality materials, this pet bed is safe, comfortable, and lightweight. The cozy mattress inside the frame ensures a good night’s sleep for any pup or kitty.


How To Build A Diy Modern Dog Bed


Building your DIY dog bed is a fun and rewarding way to express your creativity and make your pet happy. It can also be cost-efficient if you have suitable materials or can find them for a good bargain. There are many styles of dog beds available online, but if you love a challenge, building your own may be ideal. Learn how to build a DIY modern dog bed using our step-by-step tutorial, including the necessary tools and materials. Great for small and large dogs, this project is straightforward enough for even novice DIYers!


DIY Dog Bed with Shiplap


Build your dog a cozy shiplap dog bed with this DIY project. Whether or not you have a pup that needs a place to rest, this tutorial is worth a look for its simple design and steps that show you how to use recycled wood unconventionally. The shiplap design makes it edgy, but the thick padding and durable canvas cover make it comfy enough for even the most demanding canine. It only takes a few minutes to build, but your pup will love it for years.


DIY Dog Bed Tutorial


If you love DIY projects, this easy-to-follow tutorial is for you. It’s the perfect way to customize your dog bed with your pup’s name. This fantastic dog bed looks great in any space and can be made with reclaimed materials, so it’s the perfect recycled DIY project. It’s so easy and inexpensive you’ll be able to make one for your pup or even make a few using our simple steps! Whether a new puppy or a senior dog, this tutorial will help you make a comfortable and sturdy dog bed that fits your pup perfectly!


Murphy Dog Bed DIY


Create a cozy spot for your dog to relax any time of the day with this easy DIY Murphy dog bed. Its unique design allows you to easily fold it up when not in use, maximizing your valuable space. This bed is the perfect solution for small spaces, cramming a dog bed into your tiny living room or bedroom. The best part? You don’t have to spend a dime on fancy furniture; you can make your own using this easy-to-follow guide. Easy to fit inside a small space, this DIY project will be an excellent addition to your home.


Pet Bed DIY Building Plans

Pet Bed DIY Building Plans

You have a cute dog and don’t have the right pet bed size for your dog. Are you afraid it’s too hard to build a pet bed? If you choose the right plan and build it properly, you can finish it in less than two days. The plan is designed for easy steps with full instructions and illustrations to help anyone build a custom-size platform-style pet bed from scratch. Easy to make and easy on the wallet. It’s the perfect homemade gift idea for dog-loving friends and family.


Pet Projects Make A DIY Dog Bed

Pet Projects Make A Bed

If you’re a DIY-er who likes to take on pet projects, consider making your dog bed using some of these instructions. When your pup needs a new place to call home, check out this DIY dog bed that’s as stylish and comfy as it is functional, breaks down into a manageable size, and doesn’t require a sewing machine! This dog bed is designed to be stuffed with your choice of filling material, such as old pillows or clothes. The result is a product that exemplifies your care and affection towards your pet—and it’s customizable.


Burrow Dog Bed

Burrow Bed

This DIY Burrow Dog Bed is great for pets and allows you to add a little personality to your space. Below, we’ve put together instructions for assembling, with free downloadable template files for printing. Our step-by-step instructions show you how to make this simple yet stylish doghouse with scrap lumber and other materials. Use our guide and go from start to finish in less than one hour. The perfect gift for your favorite pups!


DIY Modern Pet Bed

DIY Modern Pet Bed

This Modern Pet Bed is a quick and easy DIY project for beginners. The simple, modern design will fit any home and make you proud of your craftsmanship. The pet bed has step-by-step instructions and photos to guide you through the process. This project is fun to make alone or with friends and family. This simple DIY project is guaranteed to eliminate that old, shabby-looking dog bed you have lying around!


DIY Dog Bed Frames

Bed Frames

For that little creature in your life, a DIY Dog Bed Frame is a great way to make something unique while satisfying their need for quality. Our dog bed frame is the perfect size and shape for your furry family member. This guide gives you everything you need to make your glamorous bed like the one on Pinterest and Instagram. If you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a dog bed but don’t want to compromise on quality and comfort, this project is for you!


DIY Dog Bed From A Recycled Tire

 easy to make Bed From A Recycled Tire

When you have a dog, sometimes it’s nice to have a sturdy pet bed that can take some abuse. Making an eco-friendly dog bed from recycled tires is a fun project that keeps it simple and gets the job done when the little furry one climbs in for a nap. A dog bed from a recycled tire is a perfect way to add a touch of vintage flair to your home. It’s good for the environment, for the dog, and for you! Follow these simple steps, and you’ll have a comfy dog bed in no time.


Dog Bed From A Wine Barrel

Bed From A Wine Barrel

This dog bed from a wine barrel is the perfect addition to your pet’s home. It is made so well with durable wood and upholstery that it is strong enough to last a lifetime. The unique shape gives it an old-world charm taste and is sure to be where your dog feels most comfortable. This wine barrel dog bed is handcrafted from an accurate wine barrel and features a water-resistant leather cushion. Perfect for your indoor or outdoor dog, the unique design will surely be the talk of your neighborhood!


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