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Spring Cleaning Crochet Patterns

Once spring arrives, it’s time to break out your yarn, hooks, and creativity to get in the mood. This season is great for crochet, with its colourful foliage, blooming flowers, and warm temperatures. If you’re looking for new patterns to make over the next few months or want to try something new this season, check out these unique spring-cleaning crochet patterns! The list includes a wide array of patterns for every household cleaning need, from kitchen sponges to dusting brushes to bath scrubbies. There’s no reason to feel like you’re “cleaning” when you can make something so nice!

Spring has arrived, and the longer days make it a perfect time to clear the cobwebs and dust out of your home. You can get started by enlisting some help from your crochet hooks! The following Spring Cleaning Crochet Patterns will inspire you to clean up the house with your favourite fibre arts tool. With various styles and projects for all skill levels, this collection will surely be a hit among crocheters who are itching for an excuse to pick up their hooks and make something beautiful.

Spring is the perfect time to spruce up your home, and we’ve pulled together a curated collection of 20 Spring Cleaning Crochet Patterns from around the web.

Supplies Needed For Spring Cleaning Crochet Patterns

Spring is the perfect time to clear out clutter and get organized. You can start by cleaning your closets, drawers, and crochet hooks. It’s a good time to look at what you have in your stash and make room for new projects.

Here are some great ways you can use the spring season to organize your crochet hooks and other supplies:

1. Take inventory of all your crochet supplies

2. Clear out old yarn skeins or balls that you no longer have plans for

3. Organize your leftovers into similar color groups or themes (i.e., blues, greens, purples)

4. Create a scrapbook with pictures from past projects made with each colourway of yarn (this will help remind you where else you might use it)

Reusable Makeup Pad Pattern


Reusable Makeup Pad Pattern

The reusable makeup pad is soft, cuddly, and perfect for on-the-go use. In this Pattern, you can make an entire set of makeup pads or just one. Use it as a face cloth or hand towel when you’re out of the house. The size can be customized to fit any makeup brand and user’s needs, and the Pattern is easy enough that even beginning crocheters looking for a confidence boost will succeed.


Spring Melt Dishcloth Free Pattern

Spring Melt Dishcloth Free Pattern

Spring is right around the corner, so why not start the crocheting season by making this bright, happy dishcloth? This Crochet Spring Melt Dishcloth Free Pattern is a great way to use up scraps. It’s also wonderful for beginners looking to build their confidence while learning new skills. This soft cotton dishcloth will make all your dishes shine like new! Crochet this quick dishcloth for yourself or a friend. It’s easy to make and will brighten up any kitchen or table.


Crochet Washcloth For Spring Cleaning

Crochet Washcloth For Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning is the perfect time to refresh your home’s decor with a new crochet washcloth. This handmade washcloth will be perfect for spring cleaning or as part of your daily routine. Hang it in your bathroom or kitchen for a little extra touch. It’s also super absorbent, so you don’t have to worry about it getting smelly or falling apart in the laundry as other washcloths can.


Gingham Hand Towel

Gingham Hand Towel

This crochet gingham hand towel is a beautiful way to add style to your kitchen. The towels are made with 100% cotton, so they dry quickly and stay soft for a long time. Try to make it in a set of two, so you can have one for guests or leave one at your sink for quick drying hands after washing. Just go through this guide and Dress up your bathroom or kitchen with this pretty crochet Gingham hand towel. Super absorbent and a beautiful addition to your home.


Crochet Scrubby Swiffer Cover

Crochet Scrubby Swiffer Cover

Knit this Crochet Scrubby Swiffer Cover for your kitchen or bath cleaning tools to make them stand out. With easy-to-follow instructions, this crochet project can make a statement in any space. This easy-to-follow Pattern contains step-by-step instructions and photos to guide you through the project. Crocheting with your favorite color yarn, no matter what your experience level. This project can be done in just a couple of hours, or make several and keep them handy for last-minute gifts.


Spring Cleaning Scrubbies:

Spring Cleaning Scrubbies

Springtime is here and is the perfect time to clean and refresh your home. These crochet scrubbies are a fun and eco-friendly way to improve your cleaning routine. They make a great gift for those who love to crochet, have an interest in crafting, or have a green thumb. With these crochet scrubbies, you can clean anything from dishes to your pets without worrying about harsh chemicals. Just toss them into the washing machine, and they’re ready for your next cleaning project!


Cable Stitch Dishcloth 2 Free Patterns:

Cable Stitch Dishcloth 2 Free Patterns

The crochet cable stitch is a classic and beautiful pattern, but it can also be challenging to master. This post will find two free crochet cable stitch dishcloth patterns for beginner and intermediate crocheters. So, Knit these two Crochet Cable Stitch Dishcloth patterns and make a beautiful set of crocheted dishcloths! They’re so easy to knit you can complete this project in just a few hours.

Free Pattern Blind Lobsters Scrubber:

Free Pattern Blind Lobsters Scrubber

This crochet-free Pattern makes a Blind Lobsters Scrubber, a scrubbing sponge that can support itself on the side of any bath or sink without falling into and slipping around. The holes in this crochet scrubber are just right to clean up those hard-to-reach places! Super easy and fast to make, and it is perfect for a beginner or someone who wants a quick project to keep their hands busy. This free crochet pattern will guide you through crocheting this adorable lobster washcloth.

Free Pattern Bottle Scrubber:

Free Pattern Bottle Scrubber

Have fun making your bottle scrubber with this crochet-free Pattern. This scrubber can be used for many things besides washing bottles and jars, such as soap dispensers, resin containers, and even small toys! Quick to make and easy to customize, this scrubber is great for anyone. These bottle scrubbers are the perfect addition to your kitchen cleaning tools. The free Pattern makes it easy to create one (or more) of your very own!

Free Crochet Pattern Lotus Bloom Dishcloths:

Free Crochet Pattern Lotus Bloom Dishcloths

Grab your crochet hooks and prepare for spring with this unique, modern dishcloth pattern. These dishcloths are the perfect size for drying and polishing your dishes. The unique texture creates a scrubbing effect that allows it to trap dust and other lint, keeping your dishes clean and free of germs. It’s fun to practice the slip stitch, creating textural stitches that look like ruffles or pleats. The result is a pretty pattern that looks like lotus flowers blooming from each side of the cloth. Cute kitchen companions that will brighten any countertop!

Quick And Thick Duster Cover-Free Crochet Pattern:

Quick And Thick Duster Cover Free Crochet Pattern

Save money on store-bought crochet duster covers when you can make your own for free. This free crochet duster cover pattern is perfect for anyone looking to add a bit of class to their home. The beautiful crochet stitches in this cover make it a very simple design, even if you are new to crocheting. Go through this guide below and start crocheting today!

Reusable Crochet Wet Mop Pad Pattern:

Reusable Crochet Wet Mop Pad Pattern

Do you love to crochet and enjoy cleaning? Then this listing is for you! This crocheted wet mop pad pattern will allow you to save so much money by using reusable pads rather than paper towels and rags. So, Crochet a regular-sized crochet mop pad with a slip-stitch border around it to make it easier to hold on to. This is a great beginner project. Have fun making a few of these!

Crochet Fish Scrubbie Washcloths:

Crochet Fish Scrubbie Washcloths

These cute little fish scrubbies will make you smile. They’re quick and easy to crochet and are fun to use in the kitchen, bath, or even outdoors. These scrubbies are great for your face as well as the dishes. They are also very simple to make, and you can use many different colors and yarn weights to create your look. Use them over and over again!

Crochet Cabin Dishcloth Pattern:

Crochet Cabin Dishcloth Pattern

Crochet this quick and easy Cabin Dishcloth Pattern that can be made in only a couple of hours! This is a great project to use up some of your scrap yarn. You can make it any way you like using any machine washable acrylic worsted weight yarns…and since it only takes a few yards of the main color, it’s perfect for those scraps too! This Pattern is a simple and quick crochet project that makes for a great beginner. It is also suitable for intermediate crocheters looking for quick projects or a simple pattern.

Tunisian Simple Stitch Dishcloths:

Tunisian Simple Stitch Dishcloths

These crochet Tunisian Simple Stitch dishcloths are perfect for your kitchen and home. Crochet them with your chosen colors and make the set of your choice. They are easy to wash and great for drying dishes! So, Learn how to create Tunisian Simple Stitch Dishcloths using the crochet technique of Simple Tunisian Stitch. With this crochet pattern, you can create a dishcloth in any color that fits your decor.

Crochet Color Block Exfoliating Washcloth Pattern:

Crochet Color Block Exfoliating Washcloth Pattern

This crochet pattern will help you create color-block washcloths that are perfect for exfoliating your skin. The washcloth is made of super-soft acrylic yarn, and the crochet stitches used in this Pattern make it easy to adjust the size of your project. This simple yet modern crochet color block stitch pattern is easy to follow and fun to create. Perfect for beginners, this Pattern is a great way to practice new stitches and color work.

Baby Bottle Cleaning Brush Free Crochet Pattern:

Baby Bottle Cleaning Brush Free Crochet Pattern

This baby bottle-cleaning brush makes a wonderful gift for baby showers and is designed to be used with any standard-sized baby bottle. This bottle-cleaning brush is designed to be used with any standard baby bottle. It will be your go-to brush for cleaning the bottles you use every day. This is a wonderful pattern for beginners who want to try something new or for those who want to make a simple gift for an expecting mom!

Houndstooth Dishcloth Free Crochet Pattern:

Houndstooth Dishcloth Free Crochet Pattern

The Houndstooth Dishcloth is a great stitch pattern for using up yarn scraps. The finished project requires one skein of worsted-weight yarn, making it a lovely addition to your kitchen. This crochet dishcloth is the perfect size for washing dishes, but also suitable for cleaning your bathroom or car. This crochet pattern is easy and fun. This one is perfect if you are looking for a new dishcloth crochet pattern!

Spring Cleaning Dishcloth Crochet Pattern:

Spring Cleaning Dishcloth Crochet Pattern

Are you looking for a fun, new way to clean your kitchen? Look no further because this DIY spring cleaning dishcloth crochet pattern is all you need! This easy project can be done in just a couple of hours. This easy crochet dishcloth pattern is perfect for anyone who enjoys exercising creativity for a few minutes each day. They are also perfect for beginners who wish to start with something simple but a little more interesting than plain baby blankets or potholders.

Starfish Dishcloths:

Starfish Dishcloths

These Crochet Starfish Dishcloths are about to become your favorite kitchen accessory! Keep one in every room of your home because you won’t want to miss a chance to use them. This dishcloth makes a perfect Mother’s Day, Birthday, or Christmas gift for your sister-in-law, who loves everything beachy! This Pattern is easy and only requires basic crochet stitches. The bright and fun colors make this the perfect dishcloth for any kitchen.

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