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14 DIY Giraffe Costume Ideas For Halloween

Giraffe is almost everyone’s favorite around the globe because of the unfamiliar height they have everyone have a special corner for them. But nowadays giraffe costumes are on trend also, especially for Halloween and other cosplay events. So, if you want to put your hands on them, following these amazing giraffe costumes will be the best option.

Fun DIY Giraffe Costume For Adults

DIY Giraffe Costume Ideas 1

Giraffes are the tallest animals in the world, so dressing up like a giraffe will make you tower over your friends. You can make your costume unique with these DIY giraffe costumes for adults and kids.

Whether it’s Halloween or a school dance, these giraffe costumes will be a hit! We’ve rounded up your favorite DIY giraffe costumes that are perfect for Halloween. Whether you want to dress as an original giraffe, a baby giraffe, or one of our other ideas, these adorable costume ideas will surely impress!

How To Make Giraffe Costume

How To Make The Cutest Giraffe Costume

The cutest costumes allow kids to feel like they’re in their favorite animal. This DIY giraffe costume is a fun and easy way to express your imaginative side! Making a giraffe costume is so easy, but it’s also imposing. You’ll love this giraffe costume tutorial if you want to impress your friends and family with how cool you can be with DIY costumes! This DIY giraffe costume will give you a head start for fun and creativity.


Giraffe Halloween Costume

Giraffe Halloween Costume

If you love giraffes and Halloween, this is your costume. This giraffe costume accessory kit includes everything you need to complete the look, including a hat, shirt, gloves, and shoe covers. The t-shirt features an image of a giraffe’s head with black lines on his face and a big smile. The costume’s body is black felt and wraps around you like a robe from your shoulders down to just above your knees, with attached white fabric sleeves with black cuffs so that it stays in place as you move around without worrying about constantly adjusting.


Animal Costume For Kids

This DIY Giraffe Costume for kids is a great way to transform your child into the cutest zoo animal. Bring the world of cute animals to life and enjoy making it with your little one. This giraffe costume is made from felt and attaches with velcro at the bottom. This DIY Giraffe Costume is a great project to make with your kids. This costume is easy, fun, and perfect for a family game night. It’s also great for anyone who wants to wear a fun and unique costume this Halloween season but needs help finding something they like in stores.

Sophie The Giraffe Baby Halloween Costume

DIY Sophie The Giraffe Baby Halloween Costume

Make your own Sophie The Giraffe Baby Halloween Costume for your little one. Create a unique Halloween costume for your little one with this DIY project! In less than an hour, you’ll have a fun and festive costume that’s perfect to wear year after year. Create a fun and adorable giraffe costume with this simple DIY tutorial. The hardest part is choosing which color to paint Sophie, the giraffe! This is an easy and creative DIY project you can do at home without spending much money.


Giraffe Ears Costume

Giraffe Ears Costume DIY

The Giraffe Ears Costume is great for Halloween or dress-up parties. This giraffe ears and necktie are created from lightweight, thin felt to create the illusion of a long neck and quick movement. The costume is easy to wear and simple to assemble and care for – just hand wash the accessory set in cold water with mild detergent; air dries only. This easy costume can be completed in under an hour!


Inexpensive Giraffe Costume

How To Make An Inexpensive Giraffe Costume

If you have a giraffe lover in your family or want to make your kid’s costume, this DIY giraffe outfit is for you! This giraffe outfit is easy to make and only requires a few supplies. All you need is some gauze fabric, elastic, foam sheets, puff paint, and googly eyes. They are quick and straightforward to make, so they are great for any age child. Kid clothes are expensive, but who says you have to buy yours? Try this fun and creative homemade costume.


Easy And Fun Giraffe Costume

Easy and Fun Giraffe Costume

This easy and fun homemade DIY Giraffe Costume features a giraffe print leotard and headband, a tutu, and an attached tail. The kids can easily slip on the leotard and tutu, then add the face mask and headband to transform into a giraffe. All you need is a pair of animal ears for added effect. You may also want to use white gloves – or colored gloves that match your fabric – to be wholly disguised from head to toe in the costume.


Bold and creative, this fancy giraffe dress is for the animal lover in your family. It features a long neck and is the perfect costume to show off an imaginative side. Create a unique Halloween costume look with this fun design. This giraffe costume is made from soft and comfortable fabric for a great fit, with a tail and headpiece to ensure this outfit becomes your new favorite go-to fancy dress costume.

Giraffe Costume For Halloween

Giraffe Costume

It’s more fun to be a giraffe than a person. Put on this pajama set and be the king of the jungle. Since you can’t grow longer legs or a longer neck, this DIY Giraffe Costume is the next best thing. This costume is the perfect addition to any zoo-themed party. The giraffe costume includes a headpiece, body, arms and legs, three face pieces, and a full-leg jumpsuit. This is an excellent costume for a giraffe. All you need is some brown leggings, a long brown shirt and to make some ears out of cardboard and paper mache.


DIY No Sew Group Halloween Costumes

No Sew Group Halloween Costumes

Have some friends who want to dress as a group this Halloween? This DIY Giraffe costume will be an excellent choice if you want something easy to create and fun to wear. If you’re working with a tight budget, this is also a great option, as it doesn’t require sewing! Create the most original group Halloween costume this year with this easy-to-make, no-sew costume. This project doesn’t require sewing skills so beginners can complete it relatively quickly.


How To Make A Giraffe Costume

How To Make A long leg Costume

This DIY Giraffe Costume will give you the most excellent costume. Quickly turned into a DIY Giraffe Costume for kids and adults, it’s as simple as pulling on some brown cloth and taping some cardstock to your back! This tutorial will teach you how to make the giraffe costume and how to paint it. You will need cardstock paper and lots of glue this weekend! This is easily made using everyday materials like posterboard, safety pins, and fabric. It takes little time to make, too.


Cute No-Sew Giraffe Costume

Cute No-Sew Costume

What’s cuter than a giraffe in the wild? How about this adorable, easy-to-make costume that lets your little one love wildlife from the comfort of their room? Add our Giraffe Mask, and you’re all set for dressing up time. This adorable crochet giraffe costume is perfect for your little one’s first Halloween or a cute photo shoot! It’s easy to make with this free tutorial and pattern. Perfect for a toddler, preschooler, or kindergartner who loves animals!


Fun Giraffe Costume

easy to make costume long legged

This DIY giraffe costume brings your child’s imagination to the animal kingdom. Whether they want to be part of the zoo scene or pretend to be walking in wild grasslands, your child will look adorable and feel comfortable wearing this costume. Decorating the perfect giraffe costume is simple with this DIY Giraffe Costume. The soft, plush material and enhanced tail will give you the perfect base to turn you into a walking, talking giraffe! You must choose your favorite colors and turn yourself into a beautiful, stylish animal.


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