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18 Cute DIY Mason Jar Craft Ideas For Holiday Decor

Our amazing DIY Mason Jar Craft Ideas will best offer a fun and simple way to explore your creativity and give a unique touch to your home decor. You can transform ordinary Mason jars into beautiful vases, candle holders, or storage containers with just a few materials like paint, fabric, twine, or even some colorful tape. These easy-to-make projects let you personalize your jars to match your taste and style, giving your space a cozy and vibrant feel.

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What Can Mason Jars Are Used For

Mason jars are great for more than just canning—they’re handy in the kitchen, necessary for outdoor entertaining, and useful as an attractive vessel for crafty ideas. Even if you aren’t a crafty person, the simple geometric shapes of mason jars lend themselves to hacks that almost anyone can pull off.

These DIY Mason Jar Crafts are especially great gifts: they’re free (or nearly free) and make your recipient feel like you put some thought into it. Some of these projects take very little time, so you can even make them on the fly when you have friends or family to visit.

Advantages Of Making Mason Jar Crafts

Whether you’re looking to fill your home with the rustic, country charm of mason jar decor or are just in the mood for a new DIY project, there are plenty of ways to use these classic containers in your everyday life. Depending on what you’re trying to achieve with your mason jar crafts, you can repurpose all kinds of jars.

For example, you could use a large jar as a decorative vase, a plant container, or small ones to store cotton balls and Q-tips. No matter what you’re using them for, mason jars always lend a touch of charm and character to your surroundings. Want to try out some fun DIY projects using mason jars? You’ll find fantastic DIY Mason Jar Crafts for them all below!

Winter Candle Holder With Mason Jar

This Winter Candle Holder With a Mason Jar is perfect if you’re looking for a quick and easy holiday DIY project. It only takes a few minutes, with minimal materials and supplies, yet makes an impressive centerpiece on your table or shelf. The Winter Candle Holder With Mason Jar helps celebrate the holidays and enjoy their cozy atmosphere throughout the year. This project is simple, inexpensive, and easy to assemble; anyone can do it! All you need is mason jars and a few simple materials. It should last long if you carefully follow the instructions in the video tutorial!

Mason Jar Snow Globe Tutorial

This video tutorial teaches how to create a custom mason jar snow globe. They’re super simple to make and adorable when complete. This Mason Jar Snow Globe tutorial is a great way to bring holiday cheer to your home.

Using Styrofoam and twine, you will give your jar a snow-filled scene with miniature Christmas trees and little people celebrating the Christmas season. This DIY project is perfect for your Christmas decor when you need more decorations but don’t have enough space on your tree or mantle!

Mason Jar Tissue Dispenser Idea

Mason Jar Tissue Dispenser Idea

If you want a fun way to store your tissues, this Mason Jar Tissue Dispenser Idea is just the perfect project! This post will show you how to make your Mason Jar Tissue Dispenser. Sometimes, the simplest things can make the biggest statement, and this DIY Mason Jar Tissue Dispenser idea is proof. It looks like a lot of work with all that spray painting and cutting, but the payoff is big! You can use this on your table as an accent piece, or it would be adorable as a centerpiece on your Thanksgiving table.


Mondrian Mason Jars:

Mondrian Mason Jars

DIY Mondrian mason jars are the perfect craft to try if you’re looking for an easy, fun, and frugal project. The Mondrian pattern is created using the peel-and-stick lead lining. The instructions allow you to map your desired pattern onto the glass surface. Next, paint in different sections with different colors and then peel off the leading when it’s dry with a butter knife or even your fingernails. Finally, finish by rolling on a bit of liquid leading at the very top of your jar, and voila!

Fishnet Wrapped Mason Jar Craft:

Fishnet Wrapped Mason Jar Craft

Creating string art is a great way to turn those ordinary mason jars into beautiful decor. You can make this easy DIY Fishnet Wrapped Mason Jar Craft in minutes with twine, blue covers, and a faux fish net for decoration. The twine wrapping turns ordinary blue mason jars into lovely faux fish net string art. This project is a fun DIY fishnet-wrapped mason jar craft you can make with kids or friends! When completed, hang your new string art on your wall as a display, or reuse it for future celebrations!

DIY Rustic Mason Jar Sconce:

DIY Rustic Mason Jar Sconce

Add rustic charm to a dining room wall or entryway with this DIY mason jar sconce. Reclaimed wood stained in natural oil reduces the wood’s tone and makes it more in tune with the mason jar’s glass vessel. This mason jar sconce is easy to make and uses supplies you probably have. Just grab a few things, like a precut piece of wood, a leather strap, and a mason jar, and you’re good to go! Hang it on a wall for an instant rustic look in your entry hallway or over your dining table.

Composition Book Mason Jar:

Composition Book Mason Jar

Try this tabletop mason jar organizing system if you’re looking for an easy way to organize pencils and pens. It features a black-and-white school-themed design and is more appropriate for back-to-school season! DIY composition book mason jar organizer is perfect for storing pens and pencils, small office supplies, or even school supplies like crayons, sticker books, and pencil cases in the classroom! This project is super easy to make and only requires a few materials.

Mirrored Mercury Glass Mason Jars:

Mirrored Mercury Glass Mason Jars

This DIY Mirror Spray Paint turns a regular mason jar into a gorgeous mirror. This craft is easy and will give your mason jars a new life! You’ll need Glass Spray Paint, the same stuff you’d use to make faux mercury glass mirrors. Your mason jars will sparkle like new with this easy project. The look is easy to achieve and makes for a beautiful and unique gift, hand-made decoration, jewelry holder, or more.

Rose Gold Painted Mason Jars:

 Rose Gold Painted Mason Jars

Do you love the beautiful rose gold color and want a new look for your mason jars? Add some lovely, smooth rose gold paint to your mason jar collection. This Rose Gold Painted Mason jar is an easy project, and you can paint each one in a different shade of metallic paint to create a truly eclectic look in your kitchen, bath, or display. Why not get creative and paint some vintage jewelry in this beautiful shade, too? Rose Gold Mason Jars are perfect for any interior design project and add an elegant touch to any home.

5 Minute DIY Mason Jar Bathroom Tissue Dispenser:

5 Minute DIY Mason Jar Bathroom Tissue Dispenser

If you love Mason jar crafts, you will love this 5-minute DIY Mason Jar Bathroom Tissue Dispense. You can have fun and functional dispensers in your home with simple supplies and a few minutes of your time. This project is perfect for DIY enthusiasts who love to save money by reusing materials. The pretty and simple design looks great and works like a charm! It will look great anywhere in your home, from the bathroom to your kitchen, bath, or laundry room.

Vintage Mason Jar Lamp:

Vintage Mason Jar Lamp

Enhance your home decor with this fun and practical Mason Jar Lamp. This beautiful Vintage Mason Jar Lamp is easy and simple to create using items from around the house. It requires no special skills; don’t worry if you’re not the craftiest of crafters. It’s ideal for evenings spent reading by the fire or enjoying a nightcap after a long day. The mason jar lamp is the perfect design element for any space. With the light streaming through, the frosted glass creates a soft glow while still showing off its contents.

DIY Jar Chandelier:

DIY Jar Chandelier

Add some vintage-inspired charm to your home with this easy DIY Jar Chandelier. Following this tutorial, you can transform a group of glass jars into an eye-catching bar or dining room chandelier. The jars are available in many shapes and sizes; use your imagination to create something unique.

You can use any glass jar—even Mason jars—to make these hanging lamps, which bring natural light and elegance to any room. Make it your own by swapping out the cord for something more practical! It takes little effort but will look great on your rustic-decorated walls.

Elf Christmas Mason Jar Gifts:

Elf Christmas Mason Jar Gifts

If you’re looking for a Christmas gift idea that comes as a surprise, look no further. You can create this fun Christmas mason jar gift from items in your pantry and at the craft store. Easy to make and perfect for giving, these DIY Elf Christmas Mason Jar Gifts are a sweet treat for Christmas.

They’re a fun way to say you care and won’t take up much space on your holiday gift list. This mason jar is filled with colorful candy and easily decorated with some washi tape or festive stickers. Add something extra to each jar by including a printable Christmas gift tag!

Mason Jar Pineapple And Tags:

Mason Jar Pineapple And Tags

If you love the sweet flavors of pineapple, you’ll love these simple Mason Jar Pineapple And Tags. Give your mason jar drink dispensers a beautiful makeover with this cute pineapple and tags DIY project. What’s great about this is that you can easily customize the look with what you have on hand, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors. Pineapple slices, printed tags, and your favorite candies add a tropical touch to a mason jar. Whether it’s filled with treats or used as a centerpiece, this easy DIY takes minutes to assemble!

How To Spray Paint Jars:

How To Spray Paint Jars

How To Spray Gold Paint Jars is a great idea for gift-giving this holiday season. This tutorial will show you how to make decorative spray-painted jars. You only need glass jars, paint, and a few tools for this project! So easy and so much fun!

You can do this project with just about any jar; it is up to you and what colors you want. This project is So easy; anyone can do it. Use a mask to protect your lungs from spray paint fumes, and wear clothes because you will likely get drips on yourself.

Mason Jar Picture Frame Vase:

Mason Jar Picture Frame Vase

Turn a plain mason jar into a whimsical, colorful vase for spring flowers. A standard mason jar is perfect for holding different varieties of pretty blooms. A DIY mason jar picture frame vase is an awesome way to display photos you love. This DIY mason jar picture frame vase makes a lovely gift or home decor piece.

It is easy to make and can be customized however you’d like. The tutorial shows how to make a square mason jar picture frame vase. You can also add color or pattern if desired. You can create this easy DIY Mason Jar Picture Frame Vase with just a few materials and tools.

DIY Mason Jar Pen Marker And Pencil Holders:

DIY Mason Jar Pen Marker And Pencil Holders

Add a touch of vintage flair to your desk or vanity with this DIY pen and pencil holder tutorial. This tutorial will walk you through creating one of these cute DIY projects that would look great on any desk. You only need four simple supplies to make your very own! Just grab some mason jars, spray paint, and color markers – and you’re ready to create something stylish to add color and flair to any space. These would be great for storing your children’s markers and pencils in their rooms or workspace.

Mason Jar Crafts Groom & Bride:

Mason Jar Crafts Groom & Bride

Looking for a creative way to display your wedding invites? Create Mason Jar crafts for your big day! You can decorate jars in your favorite color and create home accents or even an adorable mason jar photo prop. Make a lasting impression on your guests with these easy mason jar crafts for your wedding. Use them to hold all sorts of things, like wedding day information or gifts. The groom’s mason jar can be a shot glass at the reception!

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