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Cheap DIY Kitchen Backsplash Ideas For 2023

Our DIY Kitchen backsplash Ideas bring style and functionality to your kitchen but are only sometimes cheap. We’ve rounded up easy DIY projects for updating your backsplash that help you save time and money. We have the most beautiful home options, from mosaic tiles to subway tiles.

DIY Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

DIY Kitchen Backsplash Ideas 1

If you’re looking to add something special to your kitchen but aren’t sure where to start, a DIY kitchen backsplash is a thing. There are so many reasons to love a well-designed backsplash. It can add pattern and color to an otherwise neutral room, create a focal point in the kitchen, and disguise repairs you didn’t want to put too much effort into.

Benefits Of Making Kitchen Backsplash

Following are some benefits of making kitchen backsplashes by yourself.

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Kitchen backsplashes add a personalized, stylish, modern touch to the kitchen decor. They can be made in various colors, patterns, and materials, providing endless possibilities for a unique aesthetic.
  • Easy to Clean: One of the primary benefits is the ease of cleaning. A backsplash prevents stains from foods and liquids from directly hitting the wall, allowing easy wipe-down and maintenance.
  • Durability: Backsplashes are typically made of durable materials like tile, metal, or stone, which are resistant to heat, water, and daily wear and tear, thus offering a lasting and robust solution.
  • Increases Home Value: A well-designed and installed kitchen backsplash can increase the overall value of your home. It’s a relatively inexpensive upgrade that can make a significant difference in the look and feel of your kitchen.
  • Protection of Walls: A backsplash provides a protective layer to your kitchen walls. It guards against water damage, grease splatters, and other common kitchen messes, ultimately extending the life of your walls.
  • Easy to Replace: Even though a kitchen backsplash is durable if you ever decide to refresh your kitchen style, replacing a backsplash is simpler and cost-effective compared to a full kitchen remodeling.

Dollar Tree Gold Kitchen Backsplash Tutorial

Need some ideas to spruce up your home? Grab a few items from the dollar store and create this DIY gold kitchen backsplash. Decorating your home on a budget doesn’t mean it has to look cheap. This project is an inexpensive way of making a kitchen backsplash that looks rich and luxurious.

Kitchen Backsplash Idea With Faux Subway Tile

Love the look of painted brick? Give yourself a DIY-worthy kitchen backsplash by using tile and the proper technique. This low-cost and easy makeover is worth it in the end! If you love the look of subway tile and want to do a backsplash or feature wall but don’t want to spend much money, it is something for you. This simple project is easy to do and on the wallet. It will cost you less than $13!

Installing Stick Glass Tiles To Kitchen Backsplash

Installing Peel And Stick Glass Tiles To Kitchen Backsplash

Install your peel-and-stick glass tiles to the kitchen backsplash! They’re straightforward to install and look like natural ceramic tiles on the wall. This ultimate home improvement project looks great with a little DIY effort. If you have never used peel-and-stick glass tiles before, you’re in for a treat! These easy-to-set-up tiles are so versatile and easy to handle that they make your kitchen or bathroom shine like brand new!


Faux Brick Backsplash In A Kitchen

Faux Brick Backsplash In A Kitchen

A faux brick backsplash is a great way to impact your space without the commitment of actual brick. It’s easy to create with just a few supplies, but looks fantastic! It’s also easily customizable to choose your accent color for the walls or cabinets.


DIY Herringbone Tile Backsplash:

Herringbone Tile Backsplash

Creating a unique backsplash to add color, texture, and style to your kitchen can be as simple as using a stencil or painting. This diy herringbone tile backsplash was designed with the consumer in mind. This is meant to be an easy DIY project, with the minimum amount of tools and time needed. This technique can be a feature wall or wall treatment behind your stove or sink.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Backsplash:

Stainless Steel Kitchen Backsplash

This DIY stainless backsplash is perfect to add a sleek, modern touch to your kitchen. Stainless steel tiles are available in many different styles and can be used in various ways—from accent wall to complete kitchen remodel; this durable material is easy to clean and lasts for years! This backsplash is ideal for renters looking to update their kitchen without significantly changing their home’s walls or floors.

Painted Subway Tile Backsplash:

Painted Subway Tile

Suppose you love subway tile and want to add it to your bathroom or kitchen but are hesitant because of the high craftsmanship required and the cost of traditional tile backsplashes. This DIY-painted subway tile is a perfect way to upgrade your kitchen or bathroom. The process is simple; you can do this project even if you have never painted! This amazing backsplash looks awesome, and you will love the look of it!

Rustic Kitchen Backsplash From Old Pallets:

Kitchen Backsplash From Old Pallets

This simple DIY rustic kitchen backsplash was made from old pallets. You can create this beautiful backsplash out of old pallets with imagination and elbow grease. In this project, you will use clamps and essential hand tools to make a beautiful home for your kitchen sink without breaking the bank or working too hard. The original corkboards were replaced with new corkboards. The new boards were sanded, stained, and sealed to prevent them from aging or becoming moldy or contaminated.

Ideas for the Kitchen Wallpaper Backsplash:

Kitchen Wallpaper Backsplash

If you plan to make a backsplash in your kitchen, consider making it from wallpapers instead of tiles. Vinyl-coated papers are durable enough to hold up to scrubbing and mildew. This backsplash is easy to install and requires very little money. This is an affordable solution if you need a professional decorator.

Garden Stone Kitchen Backsplash Tutorial:

Garden Stone Kitchen Backsplash

If you’re tired of the same old tile or granite, this technique is a great way to add character to your kitchen. It will be great for adding a unique touch to your kitchen with this DIY project that uses natural stone as the backsplash. This fantastic tutorial will show you how to create something equally eye-catching with much less cost. You need a few stones, mortar, grout, and patience.

Kitchen Back Splash Chalkboard:

Kitchen Back Splash Chalkboard

Are you looking for a unique way to update the look of your kitchen? Look no further than this kitchen backsplash idea. With this simple Kitchen Back Splash Chalkboard idea, you can create an eye-catching chalky finish that will add unique style to your space. The stunning results will give your kitchen a “wow” factor that will impress your family and friends!

DIY Mason Jar Mosaic Backsplash:

Mason Jar Mosaic Backsplash

Embellish your home with this easy-to-install DIY kitchen backsplash idea that features a unique mason jar mosaic backsplash and colorful paint. This tutorial will show you how to make a beautiful tile–mason jar mosaic backsplash. This DIY mason jar mosaic backsplash project requires a little work, but it’s worth the effort. You need 12 jars, a notched trowel, and some poly-blend grout to transform your dull tile into a unique patchwork pattern filled with vibrant colors.

DIY Stone Backsplash With Airstone

Stone Backsplash With Airstone

The stone texture is perfect for a kitchen backsplash, adding color and texture while still being easy to install. This project is quick, affordable, and rewarding. Just spread the plaster over the wall, then stick up pieces of airstones in whatever pattern you want. This can be done with a hacksaw or jigsaw and makes the job go faster.

DIY Paint A Backsplash:

DIY Paint A Backsplash

If you love the look of tile but don’t want the permanency, this is a great option. This tutorial will teach you how to paint and install your kitchen backsplash. With this DIY kitchen backsplash idea, you don’t have to call in a professional or spend tons of money on the tile. It will guide you through picking products, planning your project, painting, and installing. The steps are easy enough that anyone can do it!

DIY Turning An Ugly Backsplash:

DIY Turning An Ugly Backsplash

Don’t you want to turn an ugly backsplash into something functional and pretty? Covering up an ugly backsplash and making it functional again is great! You can do it with tools you probably already have around the house – a circular saw, a jigsaw, and a hammer.

DIY Herringbone Wood Shim Backsplash:


DIY Herringbone Wood Shim Backsplash

This simple DIY Herringbone Wood Shim backsplash adds a touch of sophistication to kitchen walls. This project is beautiful and easy to install; anyone can follow along and create their unique look. You can customize it any way you like, using your choice of woods for the shims and stains for the background.

This Retro Tin Tile Backsplash:

This Retro Tin Tile Backsplash

If you want to add a little style to your kitchen backsplash but don’t want to invest a ton of money, then this DIY project is just what you need. This retro tin tile backsplash looks gorgeous and is super easy to install. The adhesive on the back makes them easy to stick on, and since they’re made of metal, they’ll last for years. Use this as inspiration for a kitchen makeover that you can do yourself! Ideal for a vintage-style kitchen, these retro tin tiles are an easy way to give your walls an instant face-lift.

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