Cheap DIY Home Decor Projects

Do you want some home decor improvements but waiting to have an adjustable budget for it? So, you would not have to more wait for it because we are bringing some interesting and useful Cheap DIY home decor projects for you. These ideas and projects will create a big impact upgrades to your home and make it more charming and delightful. Of course, it is the dream of everyone to have a beautifully furnished and well-decorated home. Some people do it immediately just due to having money which they spend on it but some of the people keep their dreams and thoughts in their heart just because of they don’t have enough money to fulfill their desires and wishes to come true. Today I have come with some budget-friendly DIY home decor projects.

All of these projects will make your home gorgeous and stunning without spending a lot and without breaking your bank. Moreover, these DIY home decor projects are too much easy and some of them will take only a few hours to complete. From bedroom decor to bathroom organization and living room to outdoor decor projects, every kind of and for every place decor projects are available on the list given below.

DIY Home Decor Projects To Upgrade Your Home:

I have rounded up a big list of cheap DIY home decor projects to beautify your home. The most special and best thing about these projects is that most of them have been prepared repurposed or old materials that you already have at home. So, let’s have look at the following list that I have made for your inspiration. I am sure you all will like these projects and ideas as I liked them. So, move ahead and show your crafty skills and give a personal touch to your home décor. Please scroll down and have some fun.

Electrical Tape Lampshade:Electrical Tape Lampshade

This five-minute gorgeous lamp shade is crafted for a nightstand that you can place in your guest room or any other place. As I have already mentioned at the start of the description that it is quick and easy to make. Moreover, you would not have to spend a little much money on preparing it. Just take the electrical tape and wrap it in the shape of stripes as shown in the picture and that’s it.


DIY Yarn Wrapped Glass Bottles:

Yarn Wrapped Glass Bottles

Don’t throw your soda bottle or wine bottles in your dustbin. Instead of it recycle them and make new and interesting crafts as shown in the picture above. These yarn wrapped glass bottles are amazing to display your favorite flowers in a different yet creative way. The mint and pink color yarn are making them more beautiful and gorgeous. Its very easy, cheap and quick make DIY home decor project.


Ikea Hack Play Kitchen:

Ikea Hack Play Kitchen

This is an amazing project even for kids. I have brought an IKEA hack play kitchen for your inspiration which has crafted from an old nightstand. It is crafted very amazingly that looks really interesting and beautiful. Even if you want to add it to your home decor then it will not be a wrong step. Shelves, stove, sink, and oven have been added to make it more interesting and real.


DIY Reversible Wire Bin Liner:

Diy Reversible Wire Bin Liner

This is a great idea to keep your bins neat and clean and give your place a stylish look. These reversible wire bin covers play a durable function from their both sides. You could turn over another side when one side gets dirty. You can hang these bins in your entryway and can make it more useful and organized.


Hanging Hearts for your Front Door:

Hanging Hearts for your Front Door

If you want to decorate your front door for any special event just like valentines day, new year or for Christmas then these little hearts will really help you out in this case. Draw any kind of painting or just like these painting styles on a paper and glue up them with wooden hearts. You can purchase these hearts or cut them if you are good at woodwork art. After it drills a hole in each heart and hangs them with the help of a string or net. This will be an amazing way to say welcome to the people who will visit your home.


Herringbone Bathroom Tile Floor:

Herringbone Bathroom Tile Floor

Add a unique style of placing tiles in your bathroom. If you have boredom by watching old styled bathroom then add this herringbone bathroom tile to your bathroom floor. If you know the labor work then it’s good otherwise you can take help from labor.


Milk Bottle Mold Concrete Vases:

Milk Bottle Mold Concrete Vases

What about this amazing vase? It is an incredible idea to make a vase from concrete to display your favorite flowers. The procedure is too much is easy to make. You just have to fill the milk bottle with concrete and let it dry. When it will be dried then cut the bottle and paint it with your favorite color. Before drying this vase makes sure you have put something in the center of it to make the space for displaying flowers.


DIY Vertical Plant Hanger:

DIY Vertical Plant Hanger

Go ahead and grab your garden gloves and some plants because we are going to show you DIY vertical plant hanger from the terracotta clay pots. This will be an interesting way to display your many plants without covering a lot of places. These plats will provide you a good smell as well as a nice atmosphere to you daily.


Fancy X Farmhouse Table:

Fancy X Farmhouse Table

Farmhouse or rustic decorations are very popular nowadays and people are running after these decoration ideas. So, if you are one of them then try this easy yet fancy X farmhouse table which will look so amazing. It will really enhance the look of your place, especially if you want to add a farmhouse look to your outdoor place thin this table will really help you out. The project is not difficult to build, you just have to click the link to get full tutorial and information.


DIY Trash Can Shed For Curb Appeal:

DIY Trash Can Shed For Curb Appeal

Nobody likes to pick the garbage after rain, storm or dust. Having a trash can in your outdoor place is a good idea to keep your place neat and clean. But due to the sunshine rain or any other changing of the weather trash can, can be spoiled and also looks not too good. So, here we also have a solution for it, build a DIY trash can shed to curb appeal, flowers or landscaping idea will add a bit decor to it. It will not only save tour trash can but also add a bit of decor to your outdoor area.


DIY Raised Garden Boxes:

DIY Raised Garden Boxes

There are a lot of and unlimited DIY home decor projects which are not limited to your indoor areas. These DIY raised garden boxes will not only protect your plants but also make your garden or outdoor place more decorative and charming. Moreover, these boxes are neither difficult to build nor very expensive to create.


Scandinavian Wall Art DIY:

Scandinavian Wall Art Diy

This beautiful and amazing Scandinavian wall art DIY will perfectly in your living room or studio. But if you want to add it you the nursery then also will not go wrong. It is very cheap and one of my favorite DIY home decor projects. You can create it from leftover supplies from the other DIY projects and will take only even less than an hour.


 DIY Tassel Basket Planter:

DIY Tassel Basket Planter

This is an amazing and beautiful DIY project that will increase the beauty f your place with its pop of color and hanging colorful tassels. Tassels are really easy to make and you will take only almost an hour to finish this project.


DIY Rustic Shelves IKEA EKBY Hack:

Diy Rustic Shelves

Shelves always go perfectly whether you want to build them for storage or add a bit decor to your place. These DIY rustic shelves are perfect for those who want to add a country or rustic charm to their home. These IKEA EKBY supplies are store bought but they are not much expensive.


DIY Beverage Station:

DIY Beverage Station

What about this DIY beverage station? I think it’s one of the coolest DIY home decor projects that do not only increase the beauty of the place but also make your place well organized.


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