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Brilliant DIY Coffee Table Plans And Ideas

There are many reasons why you should consider getting creative with your DIY coffee table plans. It may be because you have an eye for design or because you enjoy sitting at the table and enjoying your morning cup of joe. There could also be other reasons connected with the material you choose, such as durability or choice of design material(s). Whatever the reason may be, having an eye for design can lead to more fun and less stress regarding furniture shopping. Tasked with finding the perfect table, which pieces fit together seamlessly, often at a price range no more affordable than a used car does, your task becomes easier when you.

If you are looking for a creative, affordable way to furnish your home, then we have the perfect solution for you. This post contains ideas, plans, and instructions on how to build your very own DIY coffee table. You can use these plans for either indoor or outdoor use. In either case, they will give your table the level of quality and detail that you would expect from a decent table (worth $200 or more) but at a much more affordable price.

DIY Coffee Table Plans and Ideas:

Coffee tables are used to display decor pieces and a cup of tea and store books or any other good and be used to rest your feet up after a long day of work. And these DIY coffee table plans are just right according to your tastes and needs, too, whether you want to use them as a storage part, place to display décor items, or even to enjoy a mug of coffee with your friends and guests sitting around them. And I assure you once you get started to build your own coffee table, you will really surprise to see the results; it will seem like it came from designer stores.

Whether you have a small home or a big one, these DIY coffee table plans will be fit in any size of the living room. Here are the free coffee table plans so you will not have to face any trouble or have to pay if you have decided to try them out with your own hands. From classic to modern, you will find it unique to rustic, gorgeous, and advanced to simple, every kind of DIY coffee table plan. So, choose your favorite one from this list that will suit your personality.

You Can See Also:

DIY Hairpin Leg Coffee Table:

DIY Hairpin Leg Coffee Table

Have you been looking for a perfect coffee table for your living room but didn’t want to spend too much? The DIY Hairpin Legs Coffee Table is just the right project for this. Won’t occupy much space, pairs nicely with most living room decors, and quite easy to make. The DIY Hairpin Leg Coffee Table can be completed in 15 minutes and will only cost you a few dollars!

DIY Storage Coffee Table:

DIY Storage Coffee Table

The DIY Storage Coffee Table is a fresh take on the mid-century modern look that we all love right now! See more about this table on our blog, and download the plans to build your own. We have been so excited to share this last set of plans with you! Ash and I designed a DIY Storage Coffee Table with love. We both dreamed up this design because of our love for coffee tables with storage and because there aren’t that many out there.

DIY Round Coffee Table:

DIY Round Coffee Table

There are so many great reasons for a round table, including its ability to fit nicely into almost any space. This DIY Coffee Table is made from inexpensive materials and is right on-trend. It features two shelves for books, magazines, and knick-knacks. Get this project and start having fun with your friends!

DIY Terrarium Coffee Table:

DIY Terrarium Coffee Table

A terrarium is a small enclosed space made from a glass vessel filled with plants and soil placed on a tabletop. If you want to add more life to your living room, this DIY Terrarium Coffee Table is the perfect choice for you. Designed by Wholesale Interiors, It comes with an attractive structure, faux succulents, and a see-through glass mirror.

DIY Copper Coffee Table:

DIY Copper Coffee Table

This DIY Copper Coffee Table is a fun design project anyone can take on. With a stained and sturdy base, this table provides solid support for any glass tabletop. The copper legs add sleek and whimsical style. It all adds up to a functional DIY coffee table that is sure to make your living room shine. This gorgeous table is the perfect way to bring earthiness and coolness to your living room! And to make things even better, it’s super easy to build, making it great for beginners.

Tree Stump Coffee Table:

Tree Stump Coffee Table

This tree stump coffee table is a simple DIY project that will add an utterly unique statement to your living room. You will need little more than a tree stump that you can get from a home improvement or local hardware store and some basic tools that everyone already owns. All in all, it won’t cost you too much of an effort to create this DIY masterpiece.

DIY Coffee Table With Pullouts:

DIY Coffee Table With Pullouts

A coffee table also serves as a fully functional bar, store board games, or even a spot to rest your feet. The DIY Coffee Table was a fun and unique project that I looked forward to every day! I would use materials found on hand, reusing things I had no longer needed. It would be easy to maintain and clean because it was built with an open concept in mind.

Build A Birch Log Coffee Table:

Build A Birch Log Coffee Table

This DIY birch log coffee table with casters is the perfect addition to your rustic home decor. Use reclaimed logs and save money by doing it yourself! It’s simple enough for beginner woodworkers to make on the weekend. You’ll love the natural style that looks great paired with existing furniture. Materials are fairly inexpensive, and when you’re done, all that’s left is a weekend’s worth of drinks with friends.

What You Need

  • 4×8-foot sheet birch plywood
  • Circular saw
  • Wood glue
  • Wood screws
  • Cordless drill
  • Birch logs cut 18 inches long
  • Miter saw
  • Grout
  • Grout float
  • Putty knife
  • 4-inch casters
  • Clear polyurethane

DIY Rolling Storage Ottoman Coffee Table:

DIY Rolling Storage Ottoman Coffee Table

This DIY Rolling Storage Ottoman Coffee Table was made to be easily organized, and your imagination can determine what to fill it with! It’s a nice addition to any room, like the living room or kitchen, and a creative way to store your items out of sight. It also makes a great addition to your kitchen or dining space because it’s extra storage plus a place to sit when friends come over.

Square Plank Coffee Table:

Square Plank Coffee Table

A cozy coffee table makes for great conversation pieces in just about any home. This square plank coffee table has a silver-plated metal frame and wooden top with two spacious shelves for extra storage. The appealing design is great for traditional or modern spaces alike. Crafted from solid and manufactured wood, this two-shelf coffee table features a silver-gray finish.


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