Easy And Cute Crochet Cat Patterns – Free Patterns

Crocheting always proves an interesting and the best way to spend winter days. Especially when someone crochets for her kids then it becomes more special and interesting art. Because kids love to play and cuddle with crocheted stuff toys. When we crochet for our kids, then we always keep in mind their choice and taste especially when we crochet pet animal amigurumi for them. And when it comes to pet animals then nothing can be the cutter and most favorite than that cats and kitties. Not only kids but also adults love cats and love to play and cuddle with them. So, today we are going to share with some of the best and cute crochet cat patterns for your inspiration.

Crochet Cat Patterns

Crochet cat patterns are one of the most demanding and favorite pet animal’s amigurumi and stuffed crocheted toy. All of these patterns are knitted and crocheted by the crochet experts. But it does not mean that you cannot try them out if you are not expert. We have brought these crochet cat patterns with links where you can click and get the full tutorial and complete instructions. So, it will become easy for you to learn basic stitches and try them out with your own hands. Cats are always the most favorite and cute pet animal among all the other pet animals. They look so attractive and cute due to their innocent face. So, crochet cat patterns give you the chance to crochet cat stuffed toy for your kids without spending a lot.

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Moreover, sometimes you do not comfortable agreeing to buy a stuffed toy from the stores just due to hygienic issues, but when you crochet stuff toy with your own hands then you are free to anyone like this issue and you let your kids play with their crochet cat stuffed toy freely. And your kids feel happy to play, hug and even sleep with them. Moreover, in this way you get a chance to enhance your crochet skills. So, let’s have a look at the following list and draw some inspiration. I hope you will love all of these ideas and patterns.

Easy And Cute Crochet Cat Patterns – Free Patterns:

Free Easy Crochet Cats Patterns:

Free Easy Crochet Cats Patterns

Create these cats with your basic crochet skills and let your imaginations grow up. This is not very difficult to create, just crochet legs and body as a single part. It’s really fun and interesting to crochet this cat amigurumi. Of course, you can choose colors according to your own choice and add accessories for adding more interest. It would b a great gift for cat lovers.


Make A Crochet Cat – Free Pattern:

Make A Crochet Cat – Free Pattern

These little and cute crochet cat patterns are really adorable and heart melting. So, crochet more than one cutie by following the same pattern and let your new buddies cuddle with them.It could also be a great gift for your beloved ones.


Crochet Dumpling Cat Amigurumi:

Crochet Dumpling Cat Amigurumi

These dumpling kitties are really cute and look so innocent. Their bodies are crocheted with flat crochet pattern so they sit nicely and without having any trouble.


Crochet Small Cat With Joined Legs Amigurumi:

Crochet Small Cat With Joined Legs Amigurumi

What a beautiful and perfect couple of cute kitty and kitten, one with the striped blouse or ruffled skirt. This pattern will teach you that how you can make a toy with jointed legs. You can also crochet these kitties without items of clothing.


Free Crochet Amigurumi Pattern Cat :

Free Crochet Amigurumi Pattern Cat

This is another pair of a crochet cat and a kitten. These both are small in size which makes them cuter and more interesting. Use wool-acrylic yarn to complete the body, beads for eyes, pink embroidery silk for the nose.


Free Crochet Three Multi – Color Cats:

Free Crochet Three Multi – Color Cats

Here is another perfect and cute crochet cat amigurumi pattern for you. These cats are sitting nicely with their long tails and colored safety eyes. I hope your kids will love to have them and cuddle with these cuties.


Crochet Cat Shadow Box Wall Art Decor:

Crochet Cat Shadow Box Wall Art Decor

Crochet a perfect yet interesting wall decor piece for Halloween with this stunning illusion of the kitty cat peeking over a ledge! It will be a fun as well as a perfect way to upcycling things. Just recycle any shadow box frame and create this amazing crochet decor piece.


Caron Critters Crochet Cat Scarf:

Caron Critters Crochet Cat Scarf

Caron critters kit is really interesting and fun thing for everyone. This is a pre-made animal which you have to attach with your scarf or hat and it all done. It is a perfect way to make a quick handmade gift for your beloved ones.


Crochet Halloween Black Cat Wreath:

Crochet Halloween Black Cat Wreath

What about this Crochet Halloween Cat Wreath? Is not it a fun and interesting way to bring DIY Halloween decor ideas to your home? It different yet fun idea to combine crochet and other elements which you can buy from any thrift store.


Crochet Black Cat Hat:

Crochet Black Cat Hat

If you are thinking about to crochet something for Halloween then this crochet cat hat pattern is perfect for it. But if you want to crochet this hat in any other color then you can also do this.


Free Crochet Small Long-Legged Cat:

Free Crochet Small Long-Legged Cat

This crochet small long-legged pattern is perfect for beginners. Trust me it’s not very difficult to crochet and it works quickly and can be completed within a few time. You just have to learn basic techniques and basic stitches before getting the start this cat amigurumi.


Crochet Black Cat:

Crochet Black Cat

Black cats are always popular for Halloween because he can make a perfect Halloween decoration. Black cats look so cute and they are really easy to crochet too.


Free Crochet Amigurumi Halloween Black Cat:

Free Crochet Amigurumi Halloween Black Cat

This is another example to make your home Halloween ready with this crochet black cat. It is embellished with a button, marvelous eyes, beautiful hat, and nose. It will really add a fall look to your home and it also a great fun and enjoyment to crochet it.


Crochet The Minima’ Cat:

Crochet The Minima’ Cat

Are you a black cat lover? Then crochet this black cat to have a handmade cat instead of real one. You could cuddle it as with a real cat. It’s really easy to crochet and quick to make.


Crochet Cute White & Black Cats:

Crochet Cute White & Black Cats

These little cute kitties are really adorable and stunning. Here is white is real while black is shown as a shadow. But you can use any color of yarn and have some fun.


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