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Free Crochet Baby Blanket Patterns

When there is a new baby on the way, and you want to make something personalized for that someone special, a free crochet baby blanket will be a perfect choice.  These free crochet baby blanket patterns for baby boy and girl will definitely help you out to make a fantastic and beautiful crochet lapghan blanket. It will show your deep love for him/her and make that gift really special that you have crocheted for him/her. These free crochet baby blanket patterns are covered in all styles, from traditional to modern.

Moreover, you will find here from easy to complicated and simple to beautiful crochet baby blanket patterns. There are even ideal blankets that have crocheted with scrap yarn, and I am sure they will definitely blow your mind. Plus, these entire will be under your budget so you would not have to pay a lot to make a special gift for someone your special. Baby blankets are always fun to crochet, and you never become bored with this project. Once you learn basic stitches and patterns, you complete your blanket while watching TV or just sitting in front of the fire pit.

There are many crochet baby blanket patterns, but crocheted Afghans are considered a more special and favorite gift for the newborn baby. They are really appreciated especially if it is a winter baby. If you think that they are time-consuming projects, then you are wrong. They seem to like this, but actually, they are not. Because most of the new patterns use a size J hook or larger or worsted or bulky weight yarn, this makes them quick to do an easy project.

You Can See Also:

You will see several different free crochet baby blanket patterns that use different yarns and hook sizes, and patterns. So, scroll down now to have a quick look at the following superb list. Every pattern has its own link given below, where you can click and get a complete tutorial and instructions.

Corner To Corner Gradient Blanket

Corner To Corner Gradient Blanket


Vertical Stripes Blanket

Vertical Stripes Blanket


Piper Baby Blanket

Piper Baby Blanket


Nautical Striped Baby Blanket

Nautical Striped Baby Blanket


Celia Blankie

Celia Blankie



Crochet Ripple Baby Boy Blanket:

Ripple Baby Boy Blanket

Crochet Striped Mesh Stitch Baby Blanket:

Striped Mesh Stitch Baby Blanket

Purple Gingham Crochet Baby Blanket:

Purple Gingham Baby Blanket

Crochet Vintage Stripes Baby Blanket:

Vintage Stripes Baby Blanket

Red Buffalo Check Crochet Baby Blanket:

Red Crochet Baby Blanket

Easy Beginner Baby Blanket:

Beginner Baby Blanket

Easy ‘done In A Day’ Crochet Baby Blanket:

Crochet Baby Blanket

Free Crochet Patterns Granny Square Baby Blanket:

Granny Square Baby Blanket

Free Crochet Henry’s Baby Blanket:

Henry’s Baby Blanket

Free Crochet Pattern Essentials Baby Blanket:

Essentials Baby Blanket

Ontario Crochet Baby Blanket:

Ontario pattern

Crochet Hooded Baby Blanket:


Sock Monkey Hat and Matching Baby Blanket:

Baby Blanket

Get Some Zzz’s Crochet Baby Blanket:

Get Some Zzz’s Crochet Baby Blanket

Want to crochet a cute yet soft and cozy project for your little one? There is no cozier and softer than a free crochet baby blanket pattern that will keep your baby comfortable and softer and protect him from heavy cold and winter season. Did you find them daunting tasks? Don’t worry because the patterns listed below are not only gorgeous and interesting but also easy enough that you will not have to face any difficulty while you will be crocheting them.

Many of them are perfect for beginners, while some are perfect for learning advanced stitches for experts. The best thing about all of these free crochet baby blanket patterns is that you can use any yarn color for them to create beautiful hues in them and bring a pop of colors to your baby’s room. There are many designs and styles of crochet baby blanket patterns that you can crochet for your cuter ones, such as baby afghan patterns, granny square baby blanket, ripple baby blanket, and many more, and you will find here all.

So, learn how to crochet baby blanket patterns here to suit your taste and personality, and you do not go wrong. Whether you want to crochet afghan patterns for the winter season or a lightweight baby blanket for the spring season, you are sure to find a project that will surely capture your style and taste. Whether you are a newbie in the world of crocheting or crocheting for a long time, it does not matter what skill level do you have; all of these are mind-blowing and superb.

Classic Cable Baby Blanket

Classic Cable Baby Blanket


Square On Square Baby Blanket:

Square On Square Baby Blanket

Sweet Chevron Pattern Crochet Baby Blanket:

Sweet Chevron Pattern Crochet Baby Blanket

Peaches & Cream Baby Blanket Free Crochet Pattern:

Peaches & Cream Baby Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Simply Stunning Baby Blanket:

Simply Stunning Baby Blanket


Crochet Country Blues Baby Blanket:

Crochet Country Blues Baby Blanket

Crochet Modern Dash Baby Blanket:

Crochet Modern Dash Baby Blanket

Learn how to crochet the baby blanket so gorgeous by these crochet baby blanket patterns. I think there is nothing cute than a baby wrap in a blanket; that’s why we have brought these crochet baby blanket-free patterns for your baby. These crochet baby blankets really soft, comfortable, and above all, will keep your baby warm in winter. Moreover, these crochet patterns have a huge variety of colors, designs, and styles. In addition, you will make them in many colors by matching the interior decor of your room.

If you are a beginner in this field, check these crochet patterns that are really easy and quick to make. In conclusion, you will find a much unique and different variety of blanket patterns designed in round, circle, square, and many more shapes. At last, you can make them the perfect gift for both boys and girls and best for charity to hospitals and other nurseries. So, please scroll down and have a look at these crochet patterns and try to make them. Moreover, click here to get access to the collection of easier and beautiful crochet blanket patterns to wrap your babies in winter.


Bargello Baby Blanket Pattern:

Bargello Baby Blanket Pattern

If you are fond of Tunisian crochet and amigurumi, you are really going to love this crochet bargello baby blanket pattern. This pattern looks fabulous in yellow color, and the babies have really loved it. The DK weight yarn and (j) crochet hook is used to make this crochet blanket pattern. The amigurumi adds a lot to the beauty of this blanket pattern. To get more information about this crochet blanket pattern, click on the below-given link.




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